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Los Angeles Rams vs Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Five Rams to Watch

If the Rams are going to get to 2-1, they're going to need some clutch performances from key players.

Steve Dykes/Getty Images

EddieP already covered the Tampa Bay side of the house. Let's take a gander at the Rams players who are most likely to tip the scales this week.

WR Tavon Austin

I'm going out on a limb here....

Kenny Britt has been Case Keenum's go to option in the pass game, and that will likely continue. Tavon has been short on big plays this season and he's overdue to break one. I thought it'd happen last week, but that obviously didn't happen.

Given the lack of offense, the Rams NEED Tavon to break a few big plays to provide a spark.

Whoever Plays RG

The Rams RG situation has been scary over the first two games. Jamon Brown either isn't fully recovered from his broken leg or doesn't have confidence in it yet and Cody Wichmann has been.....not good.

As Eddie points out in his piece, Bucs DT Gerald McCoy is an absolute monster. If Todd Gurley is going to get any gains between the tackles, containing McCoy is going to be key.

Gregg Williams

As good as Bucs QB Jameis Winston looked in week 1, he was that bad (and possibly worse) in Week 2. Williams is notorious for his complex schemes. If he can confuse Winston early, we may be looking at another 9-3 game here.


Trumaine Johnson

Even with the announcement that they will cut Austin Sefarian-Jenkins, the Bucs have some mammoth WRs. Mike Evans and Vincent Jackson are both 6'5", 230 pound behemoths who can torch a secondary. Tru is fairly tall for a CB (6'2", 210) and will have his hands full all day.

If he gets a huge extension next offseason, it could likely be due to his performance on Sunday.

Greg Zuerlein

Legatron is the only Rams player to score thus far in 2016. He has played two games at Raymond James Stadium in his career and has never missed a kick there. Given how putrid the Rams offense has been, he needs to keep that trend going.