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Jeff Fisher Approval Poll: Week 3

Has the Fisher firestorm died down after an ugly win vs Seattle?

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

After an ugly week 1 loss to the 49ers, Rams fans responded strongly in last week's Jeff Fisher Approval Poll. Take a look at the final tallies.

JFAP Week 2 Results

For starters, I wanna know where those 111 folks calling for an extension are. Either we have some 49ers fans lurking around here or TSTers be trolling. Either way, we now have three weeks of data so we can start to analyze trends.

JFAP Week 2 Trends

The Fire Fisher bandwagon has grown from 29% after camp to 83% after the blowout in week 1. There will be ebbs and flows as the Rams win and lose games, but DAMN. The bandwagon damn near doubled in a week. And y'all say 3k is #TooNegative......

Fisherball prevailed on Sunday, but the Rams still looked awful on offense. 9 points aren't going to win you many games. The Rams offense needs to drastically improve if they want to avoid the 7-9 bullshit.

That being said, a win is a win.

Have your views changed after the Rams week 2 victory over the Seahawks?