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Deadspin: Rams’ Fan Experience At Coliseum For Home Opener Was “Hell”

Yeah, this doesn’t sound great.

Los Angeles Rams Home Opener At The Coliseum
Los Angeles Rams Home Opener At The Coliseum
Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Last night, Deadspin posted a piece with collections of fan experiences at the Los Angeles Rams’ home opener on Sunday.

It does not sound great.

I went to the Seahawks Rams game yesterday and it was the worst experience I’ve ever had at a stadium. You couldn’t move around the concession area. It was 90 degrees but they managed to run out of almost everything at most concession stands including beer and WATER. My friend walked by a guy having a heat stroke and they couldn’t get him water.

We paid $250 per ticket.

That’s the first of a number of horrible experiences relayed by fans in attendance on Sunday.

And it’s not just Deadspin tipsters. Check out the Coliseum’s page on Facebook. It’s plastered with people’s experiences on Sunday, nearly universally negative.

These are direct quotes from the top reviews on Facebook right now:

While I am so happy that the Rams are back in LA, the Coliseum fan experience leaves much to be desired.

With that being said won't be back for a college or NFL game.

That part of the experience was horrible n there's much improvement needed in organization

Getting into the stadium is a challenge. Lines aren't organized very well...Walkways are just packed. Concessions is a shit show.

Def not going back to a game unless it's during the colder seasons! Just terrible!

Seriously. Go look at them.

We shouldn’t assume this is a unanimous position though. There are numerous fans who have voiced a positive experience on Sunday, though one borne out of preparation for a logistical debacle than of one prevented. And obviously the historical nature of Sunday’s game coupled with the final score helped put a more enjoyable luster on things.

But you have to consider the growing narrative.

The fights in the stands (which we saw again on Sunday).

A lack of planning.

A franchise disinterested in fans.

The looming question that has existed all offseason about the fan experience and attendance is one that plagued the St. Louis era’s final years.

Who’s going to show up if the football isn’t up to par?

What many have answered that question with, albeit tangentially, is a suggestion that any Rams football in LA, regardless of the quality, will be well-attended by an NFL-starved fan base.

If the experiences of this many fans were this unsatisfactory even when presented with winning football, it makes you wonder what Rams football in LA later in the season is going to be like...