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Seattle Seahawks vs Los Angeles Rams: Revisiting Five Rams to Watch

They pulled off the upset, but it's wasn't all sunshine and unicorns.

Harry How/Getty Images

The offense improved, but still has a ways to go.


QB Case Keenum

Keenum managed. He didn't put the Rams in the end zone, but didn't turn the ball over either. 219 yards is improvement, but 9 points isn't going to cut it very often.

RB Todd Gurley

He guaranteed a win and the defense delivered for him. Just slow down and control what you can, kid.

MLB Alec Ogletree

Another game, another solid performance from Ogletree. If I'm picking bones though, I don't necessarily like this quote from a post game interview.

As the QB of the defense, you ALWAYS have to know your assignments 'Tree.

DT Aaron Donald

Four tackles (two for a loss) and four QB hits. Business as usual for Donald. I was glad to see him rebound from his lapse in week 1.

K Greg Zuerlein

Greg the Leg did exactly what Jeff Fisher asked him to do. He went 3-3 and hit a 47 yarder. This is what the Rams need from him week in, week out.