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Week 2 NFC West Roundup: Everyone Tied at 1-1

All NFC West teams lie at 1-1, but that doesn't mean they all have the same prospects moving forward.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The Rams competed their triumphant return to L.A. Sunday and walked away with a W, but they still have work to do to shake their mediocrity.

Game Results

Buccaneers 7, Cardinals 40

49ers 27, Panthers 46

Seahawks 3, Rams 9


(Divisional record is tie-breaker)

San Francisco 49ers 1 1
Los Angeles Rams 1 1
Arizona Cardinals 1 1
Seattle Seahawks 1 1

Top Storylines

When will the Rams score a TD?

With their 9 points, the Rams would have lost to every other team in the NFL, save one: the Tampa Bay Buccaneers - their opponent in week 3.

Jeff Fisher's Inevitable Extension

It has been widely reported for weeks that Fisher would be handed a contract extension soon. The timing didn't seem quite right in the wake of the team's shutout loss against the 49ers in Week 1, but don't be surprised if the move is announced this week following the Rams' 9-3 victory over Seattle.

Los Angeles fans packed the Coliseum on Sunday and were treated to Fisherball at its best. They turned the clock back to the Rams of the 1960s, with a prehistoric passing game to match The Rams are now 1-1, tied for the top of the NFC West, with nine points through two games.

The Rams defensive line overwhelmed Seattle and Fisher has now beaten Pete Carroll three straight times in three different stadiums. This is what the Rams do. They can stop powerhouse teams in a given week. They can win games in a pass-happy league despite rolling with Case Keenum. The trick will be winning more than seven times, which will be difficult if Todd Gurley continues to struggle to find open holes.

Todd Gurley Needs Some Help

He's not going to get very far against stacked boxes.

Kaepernick's Protest Continues

And continues to grow.

Russell Wilson's Injured Ankle

It hampered his performance vs the Rams and could continue to be an issue for the Seattle offense. He's not the only Seahawk hurting either.

Cardinals 1st Round Pick Injured

Robert Nkemdiche was inactive for Week 2.

Week 3 Schedule

Arizona at Buffalo

San Francisco at Seattle

Los Angeles at Tampa Bay