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Seattle Seahawks vs Los Angeles Rams: Game Balls

Here's who stood out for the Rams in their defensive win over the Seattle Seahawks.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

It was all about the defense in Week 2.

DE Robert Quinn

Aaron Donald could appear on this list every week. He's just that good. Deciding between Donald and Quinn is akin to choosing a Ferrari or a Bentley. Either way, you're going to love your decision

I went with Quinn because seeing him return to form yesterday was a sight for sore eyes. It appears Quinn is 100% back from various injuries that plagued his 2015 campaign. Quinn terrorized the Seahawks OL all day and ended up with two tackles, a sack, and another two QB hits.

LB Alec Ogletree

'Tree stuffed the stat sheet for a second consecutive week. He had 9 tackles (1 TFL) and a pass defensed to go along with the game sealing fumble recovery. The transition to MLB seems to be going well.

Johnny Hekker

Hekker had six punts yesterday. That's no bueno for the Rams offense. After Sunday's action, Hekker has 668 punting yards - which projects to 5,344 yards this season.

The NFL record is 5,209 yards.

If the Rams offense doesn't improve, Hekker is gonna blow away the record books.