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Rams 6, Seahawks 3: Second Half Live Thread

We’ve got a defensive battle on our hands in LA.

Los Angeles Rams Vs. Seattle Seahawks
Los Angeles Rams Vs. Seattle Seahawks
Photo by Harry How/Getty Images

All the pomp. All the circumstance. All the Fisherball.

This is your 2016 Los Angeles Rams.

Make no mistake. This is the defense we were supposed to get in Week 1. Physical. Stifling. Dominant.

This is also the offense we were supposed to get. Which was the offense that we got. Inept. Confused. Detrimental.

We saw one unit give way to the other in Week 1. The 49ers found a way to pinch at the Rams’ defense, and things snowballed. How will things shake out in the final 30 minutes at the Coliseum?

On the offensive side, we got one successful play, a blown coverage slashing from TE Lance Kendricks for 44 yards. The other 24 plays went for less than four yards per. Case Keenum looked very much like Case Keenum. Just Todd Gurley has 15 yards on 6 carries. Between his rush, passing targets and punt returns, recently contract-extended WR Tavon Austin has 44 all-purpose yards.

The Rams’ defense, on the other hand, has made the Seahawks’ offense look very much like the Rams’. We’ve pressured QB Russell Wilson, kept their running game in check and made things very uncomfortable (read: painful) all around.

The one X-factor I’m worried about? Penalties.

This a young, undisciplined (read: regular Fisherball Rams) team. It’s not going to take a ton to swing this game one way or the other. We saw a flurry of flags in the first half.

Somebody has to win. Or put another way, someone has to lose this game...