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2016 NFL Regular Season Week 2 Early Game Live Thread

The play-ins for the Rams-Seahawks’ hour help shape the league for Week 2.

Pittsburgh Steelers Vs. Cincinnati Bengals
Pittsburgh Steelers Vs. Cincinnati Bengals
Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports

Cincinnati Bengals at Pittsburgh Steelers

Somebody gon get hurt. Then somebody else. Don’t let the kids watch this one. If you don’t have kids, you should probably watch this one.

Tennessee Titans at Detroit Lions

QB Marcus Mariota is gonna have to pick it up soon. Let’s be real. The Titans’ roster overall isn’t great, but the Titans spent a #2 overall pick on a QB who is now in his second season with 13 stars now under his belt. He’s got skills, though there’s plenty of argument to be made that those skills will be stifled under Head Coach Mike Mularkey. If the wins are stifled too, it’s going to come to an uncomfortable head soon in Nashville.

As for Detroit if they can get this W (and they should as heavy favorites), they’re going to be a very interesting team to keep an eye on. And with a two-game road run coming at Green Bay and at Chicago in the next two games, the Lions could have a very big September statement to make if they hold home court today.

Baltimore Ravens at Cleveland Browns

If Cleveland is going to avoid a tailspin, today is the day. Four of their five next games are on the road. The home game is against the New England Patriots. Now without QB Robert Griffin III for perhaps three months, it’s going to bit of a minor miracle if they head into October with a winning record.

Meanwhile, Baltimore is still doing Baltimore things holding fast and hoping QB Joe Flacco gets hot late in the season for a playoff run. Last year’s 5-11 record was the worst since 2007. Perhaps a bounceback is in the cards.

Dallas Cowboys at Washington Football Team

Pittsburgh-Cincy headlines the rivalry week, but this could be option 1b.

Both started the season off with disappointing losses. One of them is headed toward an even more disappointing 0-2. This could be very fun.

New Orleans Saints at New York Giants


Seriously, if we don’t get at least 800 passing yards in this game, I’ma be disappointed.

San Francisco 49ers at Carolina Panthers

Might be relevant for Rams fans to keep an eye on this one. First chance to get some context for the Rams via opponent performances. Granted, the Rams play in just three hours, but given how complete the Niners’ pasting of us was, if they can show up in Carolina without getting pasted themselves, perhaps there’s some comfort to be had there.

Not much, but some...

Miami Dolphins at New England Patriots

QB Jimmy Garoppolo got the Pats off to a huge 1-0 start on the road against the Arizona Cardinals. Now, he gets a soft landing with three home games starting with division rival Miami Dolphins. With QB Tom Brady coming back in just less than a month, if Jimmy G can keep the Patriots above .500 in his four games...yeah, just book them their playoff ticket now.

Kansas City Chiefs at Houston Texans

Closest game of the week, per the oddsmakers.

If QB Brock Osweiler can get it done again today, the Texans will head to New England for a HUGE Thursday Night Football matchup. The Chiefs, meanwhile, continue their Andy Reid-governed winning ways. Check back in mid-November when they head to Carolina in Week 10.