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Seattle Seahawks vs Los Angeles Rams: Bold(er) Predictions


Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

I was told that my bold predictions were a bit too tame last week. Let's ratchet it up a bit shall we?

Seahawks will Have 500 Total Yards

Russell Wilson has the weapons to take advantage of an exposed Rams secondary. Even with a hobbled ankle, he's a running threat as well. Thomas Rawls can torch the Rams on the ground as well. The lack of LB depth will hurt the Rams a lot here.


Despite giving up 500 yards, the Rams D finds a way to hold the Seahawks to two TDs, allowing for an improbable result.

Rams D/ST Outscores the Offense in Route to 24-23 Win

Tavon Austin will take a punt to the house and Robert Quinn will have a strip sack that is returned for a TD. The offense finds a way to put 10 points on the board and the Rams hold off a late push by Wilson to secure the win.