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Seattle Seahawks vs Los Angeles Rams: Five Rams to Watch in the NFL's Return to LA

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

If the Rams are going to pull off an upset, keep an eye on these players to make an impact.

QB Case Keenum

Keenum had an abysmal week 1 performance and will be facing a Seahawks defense that is far superior to what the 49ers fielded. If he doesn't improve his performance, there is going to be a media firestorm next week calling for a change at QB.

RB Todd Gurley

I hate going with the obvious here, but Gurley has to back this up.

MLB Alec Ogletree

Ogletree stuffed the stat sheet in Week 1, but will need to do more than that against the Seahawks. He will likely be tasked with covering TE Jimmy Graham across the middle of the field. If 'Tree is able to do that while not compromising run defense, the Rams stand a decent chance of keeping the game a low scoring affair.

DT Aaron Donald

You could argue that last week was the first time Donald had faced adversity in his NFL career. Donald - who is normally a very professional individual - lost his cool and got ejected in the Rams opener. I'll be paying attention to how he holds his composure this week.

K Greg Zuerlein

Legatron didn't get a chance to attempt any field goals last week, but I'm intrigued to see how he does in the Coliseum. He's had the advangage of a dome in the majority of his games since being drafted and has still struggled. His performance could earn him a contract extension - but could also get him cut. There is no in between, expecially with Jeff Fisher.