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Rams RB Todd Gurley Guarantees A Win Over The Seattle Seahawks

"We’re going to get a win this week, for sure."

John Hefti-USA TODAY Sports

While it's easy to imagine the Los Angeles Rams having an 0-2 record after this week given how they fared in Week 1 coupled with some unfavorable odds this week, their top offensive player, RB Todd Gurley, said after practice yesterday the Rams will pull off the upset:

We’re going to get a win this week, for sure.

If the Rams are going to beat the Seahawks, they are going to have to do so on Gurley's back. He rushed for just 47 yards during the Rams prime time game against the 49ers. According to Pro Football Focus, Gurley rushed for 52 yards after contact, which is an impressive stat. It wasn't all bad for the young back on Monday.

Last season, the Rams swept the Seahawks. It's not out of the realm of possibility that the Rams will beat the Seahawks this week.

For the Rams playoff hopes in 2016, starting off 1-1 is easier to maintain than 0-2.