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Los Angeles Rams vs Seattle Seahawks: Matchups to Watch

Time for the Rams to turn the page from MNF’s debacle and take on another familiar NFC West opponent in

Los Angeles Rams v San Francisco 49ers Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

The Rams will look even their record when they take on the Seattle Seahawks in the season’s first home game in Los Angeles. The team will absolutely be dying to avenge their week one loss. Here are some key matchups the Rams will need to win.

Todd Gurley vs. Seattle’s front Seven

How can one guy vs seven be a matchup? Well thats what happens when the team is transparent as can be that Gurley is the entire offense and that nothing comes after it the inning game doesn't work. Gurley faced stacked boxes all night against San Francisco and he was firmly held in check. The Rams offense relies on Gurley’s ability to break off long rushing gains. He’ll need to find a way to break one off against Seattle.

Johnny Hekker vs. Tyler Lockett

The Rams found out firsthand just how dangerous Lockett can be as a punt returner last year in week one when Lockett took one of his very first returns to the house for a touchdown off the leg of Hekker. Hekker must ensure Lockett has no such chance again by directing punts to the sidelines. Hopefully his leg won't fall off in week two.

Aaron Donald vs. Seattle interior OL

In case you missed it, Aaron Donald was ejected last week. Aaron Donald was mad. Aaron Donald is good. We feel very badly for the guys (likely C Justin Britt and OG Mark Glowinski) tasked to block Aaron Donald this week. It will likely be ugly. If Donald can create consistent pressure up the middle to get Russell Wilson out of the pocket, that will bode well for the Rams defense, who has sacked Wilson 35 times since coming into the league in 2012.

LT Greg Robinson vs. DE Micahel Bennett

For as much as Bennett has voiced his disdain for Jeff Fisher and the Rams, he's just as good of a defensive end. A really good defensive end. Already with one sack on the year, Bemnett will likey see a lot of Greg Robinson. Last week Robinson wasn't his normal self, highly noticeable, and that's a nice development for him. Keeping Bennett away from QB Case Keenum is vital for any chances the Rams want to have at assembling a passing attack.

Doug Baldwin vs. Lamarcus Joyner/Rams DBs

Doug Baldwin is one of the best slot receivers in the NFL today. Baldwin is coming off a week one performance of 9 catches, 92 yards and 1 TD grab. Joyner primarily lines up at slot CB when the defense is in nickel packages. For reasons we won't five too deep's a extreme advantage for the Seahawks if Joyner is on Baldwin. If Joyner comes to the home opener ready for his tough task and plays well, the defense will receive an immediate boost. Joyner and the DBs best chance at great coverage probably will come at the hands of a great pass rush from Donald, Robert Quinn and company.