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Turf Show Radio: What Happened On Monday Night?

Listen as Turf Show Radio hosts Josh and Joe break down Monday’s, um, football game and ruminate on the state of the Los Angeles Rams.

NFL: Los Angeles Rams at San Francisco 49ers Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Back after a short hiatus, Turf Show Radio co-hosts Josh Webb and Joe McAtee are back at their shenanigans:

It’s very difficult to describe, with words, what transpired on Monday night in Santa Clara. Was it football? Was it an event? Was it simply atoms and molecules moving in space?

The Los Angeles Rams were shut out on Monday night, something that doesn’t happen often in today’s NFL. From the New York Times:

In this decade, there have been only 29 N.F.L. shutouts, less than 2 percent of all games. Last season, there were two: The Bears, with Jimmy Clausen subbing for Jay Cutler, lost to the Seahawks, 26-0, in Week 3 and the unbeaten Panthers pummeled the Falcons, 38-0, in Week 14.

Monday night’s game was the first Week 1 shutout since 2009, when the Rams, then playing in St. Louis, lost to Seattle, 28-0. Those Rams went on to finish 1-15.

Still, there have been worse results: In recent years, three teams have been shut out while allowing at least 50 points. The grim roll of ignominy: 2014, Rams 52, Raiders 0; 2013, Seahawks 58, Cardinals 0; 2009, Patriots 59, Titans 0.

Clearly, it’s the first game of the season, and the offense has plenty of issues to work out before facing Seattle on Sunday. Keenum looked uncomfortable, Gurley was bottled up (NFL-low 0.24 yards before contact), and the 49er’s defense already knew what routes the receivers were running before the snaps.

The question is: can they put together a game plan that will mask the offensive deficiencies exposed against the 49ers, and score at least a point? All we’re asking for is a point, gents.