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Need A VIP Parking Pass For Rams At Seahawks? It’ll Set You Back $2,000.

Two thousand dollars. To park. A vehicle. Your vehicle.

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With the return of the Los Angeles Rams, one of the more fun subthreads has been traffic and/or parking.

It’s horrible. Anybody who knows LA knows this. And while prices headed north of three digits for some preseason games, we’ve got a new industry leader with the Rams set to host the Seattle Seahawks on Sunday.

StubHub has a VIP parking pass available for...$2,000.

Two thousand dollars.

The Golden Parking Spot
The Golden Parking Spot

Here are some other things you can get for $2,000:

Yeah, just do the last one and be happy with your life, person who can spend two Gs on a dumb parking spot.

(h/t @Rich_Hammond)