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TST Talks with Rams Legend Eric Dickerson

We spoke to the Hall of Fame running back about the Rams coming back to Los Angeles, his relationship with Todd Gurley and more.

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Yesterday I had the pleasure of speaking with Rams legend Eric Dickerson. For the youngsters who aren't history buffs, Dickerson was the 1983 NFL Rookie of the Year, set the NFL single season rushing record a year later, and was inducted to the Hall of Fame in 1999.

So I hear your helping the NFL promote their partnership with FedEx. What can you tell us about that?

I am. The FedEx Air & Ground NFL Awards is now in its 14th season – and this season will provide support to the USO:

Each week, fans can vote on nominated quarterbacks and running backs on Twitter using #AirAndGround and the nominee’s last name, or at beginning after Monday Night Football through Thursday afternoon.

FedEx will make a $2,000 donation to the USO in both the winning quarterback and running back’s name each week of the regular season – totaling a $4,000 donated each week. The donations will help support USO programs that keep service members connected to family, home and country during their time in the military and transition to civilian life.

I know during the relocation process you had voiced that the Rams belong in Los Angeles. How does it feel to have them back from your point of view?

It's great to have them back, even with the debacle on Monday Night. It's good to have them back. I think it's great for the city. I think it's great for the organization. And I think these young guys - they'll get used to it - the media is a little different in L.A.

The thing about Los Angeles is that you have to win. It's all about winning.

Will you be attending the Rams return to L.A. this weekend?

Yes, I'll be at the game.

Will there be any special pregame ceremony prior to the game?

They're doing a Gold Jacket ceremony for the recent Hall of Fame inductees. They'll have Orlando Pace and Kevin Greene and we'll all have the opportunity to honor them.

Have you taken the time to show these young guys around the city at all?

I took Todd (RB Todd Gurley) to a Lakers game when Cleveland came to town so I took him to the last time Kobe was going to play Lebron.

I don't get out much myself, but I wanted to make sure they understand the impact they can have on fans. You can't sign every autograph, but whether it's a photograph, or shaking a hand... do as much as you can for the fans.

I know the fans appreciate that, so I try to tell the guys so that fans don't forget those kind of things.

Between the move from L.A. to St. Louis and back again, there is a generational gap of sorts. What are the interactions like between you and players from those St. Louis teams?

I know all those guys. I know Kurt (Warner), Marshall (Faulk), Isaac (Bruce), Torry (Holt)... I know all those guys. I have the color commentary for the Rams with Marshall and known him for a long time - since he came in the NFL.

Has their been any change in their interactions with the team since the move to L.A?

When they are around, they do a good job. I only went to one practice myself, but I've seen them around. They've been at practices and getting acclimated into L.A. Marshall is in San Diego and Kurt is in Arizona, so not everyone is going to make it out to L.A., but when they're out they do.

Anything around L.A. that you can throw out there for new fans as they find themselves in the L.A. area for the first time?

You know, California is so big - and traffic is so bad - that's the difficult about living out here. Traffic is always so bad and that's a huge challenge for fans.

The thing is...when you win, you wanna be involved - you wanna drive. But if you're losing, you're like "I'm not driving."

Do you and Todd Gurley text/call/talk often? Any advice you're trying to bestow on him?

I sent him a text before the game and I talk to him periodically - not a lot. I just wanted to wish him luck before the game. I just want him to do well for himself - and for the team - because L.A. is all about star power. They love their stars and they love their star athletes and I just want him to be that guy.

I want to thank you for reaching out to TST and thank you for your time.

Thank you.

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