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ESPN’s John Clayton: Rams HC Jeff Fisher Supposed To Have 3-Year Extension Attached To Brockers Extension

The longtime ESPN reporter suggested the Rams’ Head Coach was sitting on a three-year extension that would be finalized and reported along with Brockers’.

Los Angeles Rams Head Coach Jeff Fisher
Los Angeles Rams Head Coach Jeff Fisher
Photo by Harry How/Getty Images

Yesterday on 710 ESPN Seattle, the ESPN Radio affiliate in Seattle, longtime ESPN reporter John Clayton suggested that the Los Angeles Rams were including a three-year extension for Head Coach Jeff Fisher as part of the three-year extension recently reported for DT Michael Brockers:

Clayton: The word on the street, I don’t know if they actually put it in one of the...because...they haven’t really put out the Michael Brockers contract extension yet, because I know he just got a contract extension. I think they were gonna put at the bottom of the release that Jeff Fisher signed a 3-year extension.

Host: Are you serious.

Clayton: Yeah. That’s what I’m hearing.

Host: Oh my gosh!

Clayton: But they haven’t put out any release yet.

The Rams have yet to officially announce Brockers’ extension. Obviously, they have yet to announce any similar action for Fisher. Stay tuned to TST if any news on that front breaks this week.