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Forbes: Rams Value Doubles To $2.9B Following Relocation To Los Angeles

After moving the franchise from St. Louis to Los Angeles, Rams Owner Stan Kroenke now owns the 6th-most valuable franchise in the NFL.

Stan Kroenke gets richer

Per Forbes, it’s a great age to be an NFL owner.

Value continue to rise for NFL teams. With the expansion of social media, easier ways to watch games, and events happening all around the world, the NFL brand continues to grow and generate more money for the owners.

“Relocation and new stadiums drove NFL team values 19% higher over the past year, to an average of $2.34 billion.”

The Rams doubled in value, to $2.9 billion, after moving from St. Louis to Los Angeles. Scheduled to play three seasons at the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum before moving into a new stadium in Inglewood, the Rams could soon be worth close to $4 billion if Stan Kroenke scores with his $3 billion mixed-use real estate project. That campus could bring him hundreds of millions of dollars more than his team was making in St. Louis, net of the relocation fee he agreed to pay ($650 million over 10 years, in equal installments, starting after the 2019 season).”

As a result Kroenke has benefited tremendously. A part owner who helped get the team out of Los Angeles 22 years ago only to buy the majority of the team for a discount from the late owner’s children who didn’t want to pay the estate tax followed by relocating the team back to the city he desperately tried to get out of, Stan has benefited most with this increase valuation. He’s a savvy businessman without a doubt, marrying the Wal-Mart heiress and owning numerous mediocre sports teams.

If only that same level of knowledge could translate to the field, court, ice or pitch, I’m sure the fans of his myriad of franchises would greatly appreciate it.