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Case Keenum Is Still Your Starting QB

Le Sigh

Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

I hope Rams fans weren't counting on a poor week 1 showing in San Francisco forcing Jeff Fisher's hand at QB (not that he's beyond that). Fisher reiterated yesterday that Case Keenum will remain the starting QB for the Rams. Fisher's stubbornness with the QB situation was palpable when asked if he considered benching Keenum:

"I thought about it. I just wanted Case to finish it...I would have done the same had Jared been (No.) 2," Fisher told reporters after the 28-0 beatdown. "I would have let Case finish it. This doesn't change anything as far as quarterback is concerned."

Rams Fans Should be Familiar with this Process

Stages of Grief

"This doesn't change anything as far as quarterback is concerned.", just NO!


.......I mean, at least we HAVE Goff. He might even dress next week!

.........why is this man an NFL coach? I don't even wanna be a Rams fan anymore