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LA Rams At San Francisco 49ers: Morning After Recap

Rams start the season off slowly. Again.

LA Rams DE Robert Quinn, WR Kenny Britt

Not a great way to start off the season.

The Rams looked overwhelmed on both sides of the ball at times. On offense, only WR Kenny Britt seemed to be able to get open. RB Todd Gurley was bottled up quite effectively. If a player who is destined to be “the player away” can’t beat out the quarterbacking that we had to witness tonight, the trade up may have been a giant leap backwards for the franchise.

Defensively, the Rams trotted out five DB’s and a converted safety the whole game. 49ers RB Carlos Hyde made extremely quick work of the Rams defense, slicing and trucking the defense to start the game. Surprisingly, DT Aaron Donald was not a splashy or dominant player. CBs Coty Sensabaugh and Lamarcus Joyner were consistently torched on simple routes consistently. It’s never a good thing to have cornerbacks as leading tacklers because that means they are allowing completions (looks at box score, Sensabaugh and Joyner at the top of the list for tackles). For all the touting of the defensive line, they were very average at best against a supposedly weak offensive team in the 49ers. Granted, the Rams did play much better defense in the second half, but SF also squatted on the two touchdown lead.

This is no surprise. Jeff Fisher’s Rams teams consistently start off very slowly. However, will he ever be held to a higher standard? Instead of hearing him being on the hot seat, the rumors instead portend a potential extension for Fisher.

Change the city. Change some of the players, Change the coordinators/lower-level coaches. You’ll still get the same results.

Fisherball at its finest.