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Los Angeles Rams Training Camp: Aug. 9th Practice Recap

The Rams continue their trek to the preseason with the Hard Knocks premier looming

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Goff continues to get first team action in the 2 minute drills:

Tru continues to shine:

As is Gurley:

Not much has changed:


E.J. Gaines and Rob Havenstein are still out. Can we get them some Toradol, please?

Higbee & Associates

The Rams seem to have a hit on their hands. Hopefully the preseason will keep the momentum going. Then again...

The Goffense

It's great to see that Goff is out there, trying to improve. Depending on your faith in Case Keenum, that is.

Of interest? How does Hard Knocks portray what we've heard about Goff so far?

Hopefully, it's good enough.