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Report: Los Angeles Rams' Jared Goff Unlikely To Unseat Case Keenum As Starting Quarterback

NFL Network's Ian Rapoport reported on the quarterback situation in Los Angeles. It is an uphill battle for rookie Jared Goff.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Throughout the earlier offseason sessions, Jeff Fisher made it clear that Case Keenum was his guy, at least for the time being. It sounded like typical #Fisherball coach speak at the time, but it continues to look more and more like a reality.

Keenum has yet to prove that he is not more prepared to start the season than Jared Goff is. In practices and drills, Keenum has gotten the ball out quickly and without too much concern. Goff, on the other hand, has been holding the ball too long, looking lost versus some of the more tricky coverages and being too passive as a passer. Granted, Keenum is not doing much to test the defense down the field either, but he's been more in control when working the underneath and intermediate areas of the field.

As a starter in 2015, Keenum was able to come away victorious more often than not. Whether or not that was because of his efforts is another debate, but wins stick in the NFL. They are a tough memory to erase.

Goff is battling a quarterback who the Rams have already seen some success with. As Rapoport reported, it would take excellent efforts throughout the preseason and over the next few weeks for Goff to set himself apart from Keenum. It's a shame that the Rams are not likely to see their No.1 overall selection start week one, but Goff has yet to prove that he has earned the job over the incumbent Keenum.