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2016 Los Angeles Rams Training Camp: August 8 Practice Live Updates

The Rams begin the work week with August 13’s preseason opener against the Dallas Cowboys looming.

Los Angeles Rams S Cody Davis
Los Angeles Rams S Cody Davis
Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

August 8

Practice begins at 3:30pm PT

Autographs: Linebackers*

* - The Rams’ team website says linebackers and tight ends will sign autographs today. The pdf calendar distributed ahead of camp says linebackers and special teams. We’ve reached out to the team for clarification.

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After taking yesterday off following Saturday’s “Family Day”, the Rams are back in action today with just four practices between today and the Rams’ upcoming preseason opener against the Dallas Cowboys.

Injury Updates

We’re still sitting CB E.J. Gaines and RT Rob Havenstein. No word on the extent of their injuries, though the word last week was the Gaines was looking unlikely for the Cowboys opener. Remember, NFL clubs aren’t required to publish official injury reports in the preseason, because just love not knowing stuff.

No more injuries please.

Jared Goff

Saturday was a strong day for Goff in front the fans at the Coliseum...though he’s still locked in behind Case Keenum on the depth chart for Saturday’s game against the Cowboys.

How long will that last?

Offensive Development

Vanilla offense. If you’re not knew to Rams nation, you know the drill. This is how the Rams roll in the preseason. The question is if/when and how they break out of it.

That never really manifested in 2015. If it’s going to happen this year, it’s likely going to be on the backs of rookies. We know Goff’s going to play a central role. But with all the hype building for WR Duke Williams and TE Tyler Higbee, you know there will be opportunities for whichever newcomers make the final roster.

Will Saturday’s clash with the Cowboys give us our first real rookie standouts?

Defensive Adjustment

It sounds like Maurice Alexander has the safety spot tagged alongside T.J. McDonald. Hard to get a sense of the CB horse race with Gaines sidelined.

Between the linebacker, cornerback and safety depth chart battles, there’s so much room for special teams contribution.

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