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NFL Cut Orlando Pace Thanking St. Louis In Hall Of Fame Speech

The NFL posted every speech from the NFL Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony on Saturday to YouTube. Only one was edited.

Former St. Louis Rams OT Orlando Pace
Former St. Louis Rams OT Orlando Pace
Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports

This weekend, former Rams Orlando Pace and Kevin Greene were inducted to the NFL Hall of Fame.

Deservingly so.

During the Big O’s speech, he thanked the city of St. Louis, his NFL home for 12 of his 13 seasons:

To the St. Louis Ram fans, I’m so proud to say we brought that city a championship. Thank you for the support that you gave us during that run. No one can ever take that away from you.

Thank you.

Strangely, when the NFL uploaded the video to YouTube, that part of the video was omitted.

The speeches from every other inductee were uploaded unedited, including QB Brett Favre’s 30+-minute speech.

Last night, the NFL made that edited video private and uploaded Pace’s speech in its entirety to YouTube.

How did the NFL explain the decision to edit out Pace’s remarks?

A technical error. Yeah.

It’s the latest in an expanding list of efforts the league and the Rams have made to offend St. Louis fans in every way possible.