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Los Angeles Rams Head Coach Jeff Fisher Aug. 5 Training Camp Interview Transcript

Here’s what Fish had to say as the Rams get ready for tomorrow’s scrimmage at the Coliseum.

Los Angeles Rams Head Coach Jeff Fisher
Los Angeles Rams Head Coach Jeff Fisher
Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports

Los Angeles Rams Head Coach Jeff Fisher

(Opening Remarks)

“Alright, we bounced back after a day off yesterday, which was good to see. Sometimes things are a little sluggish, but I thought they really practiced well with the pads on and we had a good day. We got through a lot of different scenarios and situations today. And, as I mentioned, they’re really looking forward to going to the Coliseum tomorrow and working and getting better – that’s what it’s about. It’s about having an opportunity to meet the fans for the first time and go there and see the facility. We’re looking forward to a productive day tomorrow.”

(On noticing how excited his team is for tomorrow)

“Yeah, they are. We’ve been talking about it for a week or so now, just getting the little details, parking and all those things and the locker room – (some of the things) that sometimes you take for granted. And their concerns with their families, can they take families and friends and all that stuff. The organization has done a good job setting up; I think you’ll be really impressed with it. The best part is the content, what we’re going to do during the practice.”

(On inviting Los Angeles Lakers Head Coach Luke Walton to practice today)

“Yeah, I was really excited. We made contact over a week or so ago and I was really impressed that he wanted to come down and see what we do. We got to spend a lot of one-on-one time together today, which was very, very impressive from my standpoint – to have an opportunity to learn his world and he got an opportunity to learn our world.”

(On watching a video with the new NFL rule changes and if he has been briefed on the 10 rule changes and what his concerns might be on them)

“We’re going to watch it with the players tonight with the officiating department. There’s not really anything significant other than, to me, from my opinion, other than the touchback. We have to wait and see where that goes during the year. Beyond that, subtle changes related to player safety and things like that. It’s always good when you have a referee and part of his crew out. We’ll have a full crew tomorrow – we’re actually going to have eight tomorrow. But it’s always good to have their presence out here. We’ll kind of informally talk; they’ll informally talk with the players, answer questions and things like that. It’s always a good meeting to attend.”

(On the difference for him during this meeting having not being on the Competition Committee this year)

“The decision, my communication with the league office and the commissioner was, because of everything we had going, I needed to focus and spend my time and energy here. I still attended the owner’s meetings and still involved with all the changes like any other head coach would be.”

(On what he loves about DT Aaron Donald, someone who’s so young and explosive)

“You said it; he’s very, very explosive. He has an impact on the game. He does that anywhere he lines up. What we have to do, defensively, is we need to recognize that. Offenses, you give them credit, they’re going to try to protect and defend against him making the big play. That just creates more opportunity for everybody else. And even when he’s doubled, he’s making big time plays.”

(On CB E.J. Gaines)

“He’s going to be set back for a little bit. He’s got a mild hamstring strain. I haven’t ruled him out for Dallas yet, but I’m not anticipating him doing anything tomorrow.”

(On if TE Tyler Higbee is catching his attention with the way he’s playing)

“He did it once we walked off the bus at the airport at OTAs – he just went out and made plays. The impressive thing about Tyler is that he was still coming off a rehab of a knee through the OTAs and we backed him down. He got into great shape this summer and he’s doing the things that we expect him to do. Big target, big frame, makes catches. Good redzone target for us.”

(On if he’s noticed throughout his career that rookie tight ends are slow to develop and why he thinks it takes tight ends longer)

“The hardest adjustment, from their standpoint, is blocking. Most of them are going to line-up against the defensive end. And I’m not talking about pass protection, I’m talking about run game – and that’s not an easy thing to do. You don’t just come to the National Football League and dominate the line of scrimmage, so it takes time, it takes strength, it takes technique work and things like that. Tyler (Higbee) has the potential to play very, very early for us and be a big time part of our offense.”

(On what he’s looking to get out of the practice at the Coliseum)

“Well, I think when it’s all said and done. I want it to be a great experience for the fans, I want it to be a great experience for our staff and organization, but most importantly, a productive day for our players. I’ve been back and I’ve toured it, I’ve been there a couple of times. The first time down the tunnel was kind of cool. We’re working tomorrow. Tomorrow is a workday.”

(On the sentimental value in returning to the Coliseum)

“Our first practice here with everybody was cool, we had 10,000 people here; we’re expecting more there. It’s that next step in the progression with respect to the move. Now we have a fan appreciation day, the week is going to go fast and we’ll have the Cowboys here a week from tomorrow. It’s the next step in the progression and I think everybody is excited about it.”

(On what to expect at the practice at the Coliseum)

“It’s going to be a normal practice session. We are going to be in full pads. It’s 1s-against-1s; we’re going to compete like we have done. We’re going to do some special teams work; the kickers are going to kick. Our intention is to finish up with a younger-type player live scrimmage. Offense is going to line-up, they’re going to get going and the defense is going to try and stop them. It’s basic football. We don’t tackle; we don’t bring people to the ground in a normal practice session, in this particular 12-14-16 play session we are going to.”

(On the quarterback rotation in the first preseason game)

“At some point we will discuss it next week. Nothing unusual, what you want to do is you want to play your starting quarterback with your starters and then you start subbing and then Jared (Goff) comes in. He will get to play, I’m sure he will get to play quite a bit, probably play a half.”

(On if QB Case Keenum will start against the Cowboys)


(On what he’s looking for from his quarterbacks on the practice field)

“We’re doing the same things. In a drill, for example, we had a four-minute drill, which basically indicates that the offense is ahead, they need to get a first down, keep the ball so they can kneel on it. The defense is behind – you need to get a stop. How you use the timeouts, how you use the clock and things like that. We had two drives, Case (Keenum) took one and Jared (Goff) took one. It’s a learning experience for them and everybody else. Todd (Gurley) bounced a play outside and was going to the boundary, you saw him go down, stay in bounds, keep the clock running, those are the kind of things you learn from that.”

(On WR Pharoh Cooper’s camp so far)

“He’s had a good camp – a little setback, but we caught it. He communicated with the training staff, the medical staff. We caught the setback, we didn’t subject him to further injury and he’s back to 100 percent and had a good camp so far.”

(On Cooper’s ability to make an immediate impact)

“We’re expecting him to be a productive player inside. I think you will see a lot of plays out of him this preseason.”