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Los Angeles Rams Training Camp, Aug. 3 Photos

TST friend and talented photographer @SeattleRams_NFL was on the scene this past Wednesday to take some beautiful photos of #RamsCamp. Which one is your favorite?

Brian Quick highpoints a catch

Our readers and staff have done a great job giving reports from camp, and this past Wednesday's practice was no different (read m0pi1's detailed Day 5 camp report here).

TST reader and passionate Rams fan Rob (@SeattleRams_NFL) traveled down from Seattle to attend Wednesday's camp, and he brought his professional camera with him.

He caught a ton of action from the VIP tent, where he had an up close and personal view of the players and coaches. He even managed to capture a “snow leopard” photo: Brian Quick highpointing a ball.

Thanks to Rob for making these shots available to our readers.

Is this REALLY Brian Quick? It appears so!

Is belly shirt season similar to beach body season? For Kenny Britt it is.

Tavon seems to move at a different speed than everyone else.

Need more of this from Kenny Britt.

There’s our starting QB! (subject to change)

Brockers will be a free agent next year. Expecting a big season from the big man.

He has arrived!

Chase Reynolds has been with the Rams for what seems like 10 years. Still going strong.

We need this man to get healthy. Pronto.

Don’t be a stranger, Steddy!

Higbee is a very large target, indeed.

Looking it into those hands, securing the catch. Need more Austin down the field ASAP.

Here is Sir Duke in action. Could he be an impact player for the Rams? We’ll see. He has to make the team first.

A lot is already being expected of this 6th round pick.

Hard Knocks on the scene.

Let’s hope Gaines has nothing serious. Can’t afford to lose him again. And let’s hope Quinn is 100%.

Some brotherly love here.

This man has some versatility. Can play inside and out.