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Former Rams DT D’Marco Farr Following Rams To LA, Will Leave St. Louis’ 101ESPN

Farr had been with the St. Louis ESPN affiliate since it launched in 2009. He’ll join LA’s ESPN radio affiliate as a sideline reporter.

Former Rams DT D'Marco Farr
Former Rams DT D'Marco Farr

Former Los Angeles and St. Louis Rams DT D’Marco Farr has been a notable part of the 101ESPN team in St. Louis since the radio station launched in 2009. Today, he announced he would be leaving to join the Rams radio broadcast team in Los Angeles.

Well, actually he left months ago. Farr said he has been dealing with “a lot of sickness in [his] family” and relocated to Los Angeles months ago.

Farr had kind words for his 101ESPN colleagues and St. Louis today as he described the difficulty in the decision and in his personal life.

Farr will join the ESPNLA 710 team as the sideline reporter on gamedays and as a guest analyst in between games.

An undrafted free agent in the 1994 NFL Draft, Farr spent his rookie season in Los Angeles before relocating with the team to St. Louis where his professional career took off. In his second NFL season, Farr had 11.5 sacks spearheading a credible defensive line that helped usher in the Greatest Show on Turf. Farr hung them up after the 2000 season, finishing with 206 tackles, 36.5 sacks and 12 forced fumbles in his seven-year career.

Farr was known for his supportive coverage of the Rams including a, uh, special rant in September of last year where he clamored to have losses treated like wins and demanded people not point to why the team lost.

Here’s hoping the best for Farr on the personal front and hearing why the Rams are the best on the professional front.