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Los Angeles Rams Sign TE Jake Stoneburner

The Rams have added the former Miami Dolphin and Green Bay Packer.

New Los Angeles Rams TE Jake Stoneburner
New Los Angeles Rams TE Jake Stoneburner
Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

The Los Angeles Rams have signed former Ohio State standout TE Jake Stoneburner:

Stoneburner passed by the 2013 NFL Draft as an undrafted free agent landing with the Green Bay Packers. In late 2014, he signed with the Miami Dolphins to the back end of the roster sitting on the practice squad. Last year, he was promoted to the active roster and featured in 11 games primarily on special teams, though he did catch five passes for two touchdowns. His first NFL catch was actually a touchdown. Hell of a moment.

Signings like this are perfect for training camp. They allow the Rams coaching staff to see how Stoneburner would fit at the back of the roster. Should the Rams lose a tight end to injury, Stoneburner (assuming he doesn’t make the 53-man roster, which is a safe bet) would at least be a familiar face the Rams could bring back and have a good sense of how he would work in the offense.

We’ll see if he’s able to make a splash early on as the Rams are back into the training camp groove tomorrow with the “Family Day” scrimmage on Saturday at the Coliseum.