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Los Angeles Rams Head Coach Jeff Fisher Aug. 3 Training Camp Interview Transcript

The Rams’ head coach touched on RB Todd Gurley, WR Kenny Britt, QB Case Keenum and more after practice yesterday.

Los Angeles Rams Head Coach Jeff Fisher
Los Angeles Rams Head Coach Jeff Fisher
Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Los Angeles Rams Head Coach Jeff Fisher

(Opening Remarks)

(QB) Jared (Goff) had a good day. The players actually were kind of lobbying to put pads back on today, because I think that was coming from the defense. But, we originally planned on not going back-to-back. So, they’re going to have to wait until Saturday now. It should be a good exercise at the Coliseum. We finished up kind of like the first phase. We got some meeting tonight and then they get a required day off and so tomorrow will be an opportunity for them to rest and recover, and come back with a good session Friday. Once we get through this Saturday, which we’ll talk about it, we’re in preseason game-prep already. So things have gone fast, but from a health standpoint, we’re in good shape. I thought we got a lot done today. We picked the tempo up in the two-minute, which was introduced to them last night. So, it was a lot of fun.”

On RB Todd Gurley

“I would like to think everybody is. But yeah, he’s in great shape. He’s really in good shape. So, I don’t know, like I said, he’s going to build reps in practice. We just have to play the preseason here when we get there.”

On the status of WR Kenny Britt and his performance throughout training camp thus far

“Been real productive, has a good feel, instinctive, smart football player. Doesn’t make mistakes out there. He’s had a good camp thus far.”

On whether Kenny Britt is different now than when he came into the league in 2009

“Players tend to mature, grow through some things; have some difficulties at times, learn from their mistakes. Since Kenny has come here, he’s really done a good job. He’s young physically. He was very young coming out the draft. Battled through the ACL injury in (2011), I believe it was. Wasn’t quite the same, but he’s extremely healthy right now. Very powerful, very talented player.”

On the versatility of RT Rodger Saffold on the offensive line

“You know, he’s done a lot for us. With (LT Greg Robinson) Rob missing time right now, it was decided prior to the start of camp and notified him that we’re going to move him out to right tackle. He said, ‘Cool.’ He says he loves it. He will play any position but center. So, it gives us the flexibility and the peace of mind that if you do have an issue, Rodger can play any place.”

On QB Case Keenum’s performance today

“He made some really good throws. I mean, some really good throw throughout practice. That’s what you expect out of your starter.”

On what you have seen from Safety T.J. McDonald these past five days of offseason practice

“T.J. (McDonald) came back in great shape, got things put behind him. He’s ready to go. He’s worked really hard.”

On what he particularly liked from QB Jared Goff’s performance today at practice

“We did the two-minute exercise, so it was kind of hurried. We didn’t have a 100 percent pass rush. We kind of toned the pass rush down. But, we wanted to go through the exercise, to the decisions. He was very much aware of the timeouts he had left and time on the clock, and taking the shots. We don’t know what our weakness is in terms of protecting the pass rush. He’s got a feel for those things. Our two-minute is different than the college two-minute. So, he has to get a sense for that…clock stops on a first down in the past. It doesn’t any more. It’s those types of things that he’s learning.”

On the performance of CB Coty Sensabaugh and how he fits into the rotation.

“Coty, again, is a really smart player. He sees things, he’ll guess, but he guesses right, and you like to see that out of a corner. It’s going to be a great race. He’s going to play obviously. One way or another he’s going to fit in the package. Whether he’s a starter or not, he’s going to fit a package.”

On the transition of LB Alec Ogletree and his performance through training camp thus far.

“Not having any issues. He’s running the defense. Has a good feel for all the packages, moving the D-line around. In addition to that, he understands offense.”

On what his plans for improving the team going into the start of the season.

“We evaluate the offensive improvement, the defense and special teams, but within that, we’re also evaluating each and every individual. They’re being discussed.”

On if he misses the humidity of the weather in the Midwest

“You know, I love the midwest, but it’s hard to beat this. What I don’t miss are those thunder heads that come in with lightening, and then you have to go inside, then you guys have to run to your cars, and we have to cancel practice. I don’t miss that.”

On his plan for increasing DB E.J. Gaines’s practice time

“We’ve been increasing his reps. We just have to see how he tolerates that. So, he came up a little bit lame at the end of practice, so we have to check him out.”

On if Hard Knocks has made the players apprehensive or act out of character and it becoming a distraction.

“No, we didn’t. We’ve had several discussions with the team prior to their arrival. One of the things that was discussed numerous times was, after a couple of days it’s almost if they disappear. It’s been an exciting process, it’s been fun. The players are out here to help win games and to improve, not to make a movie. They’re not actors, they’re players.”