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Chiefs Sign Former Rams’ QB Nick Foles, Setting Up Possible Meeting in Preseason

Jeffrey G. Pittenger-USA TODAY Sports

It’s an odd turn of events really. A fan faithfully stands behind their quarterback, hoping to never see him bulldozed by the competition throughout their tenure with the team. Until the moment when that same QB is released or traded. It’s at that point that there’s not another player you’d rather see get leveled.

It happened with former Rams’ quarterback Sam Bradford. In their final game of the 2015 season, the winner of the Giants vs. Eagles game would avoid having to travel across the pond to play the Rams in London this year. An Eagles’ loss would’ve given fans exactly what they wanted: an opportunity to see Aaron Donald, Robert Quinn, & Co. hunt down Bradford like the slowest antelope on the Discovery Channel show Planet Earth.

The desired outcome?

The Eagles were able to secure victory that Sunday and, once again, Bradford let Rams’ fans down.

But there’s still a chance the Rams’ defensive front can feast on one of it’s former quarterbacks. And much, much sooner than the London game in Week 7.

As Garafolo points out, Foles will rejoin Andy Reid, who drafted him in the third round while with the Eagles in 2012. With Chase Daniel having left town to join the Eagles, Reid, despite having young talent like Tyler Bray and Aaron Murray, needed an experienced backup for starting QB Alex Smith.

The Rams will host the Chiefs in their second preseason game on Saturday, August 20th. Here’s to hoping Reid and the Chiefs are looking to get Foles plenty of work during the preseason in an effort to familiarize him with their offense.

The boys up front are hungry, Nick.