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Hard Knocks Season 11, Episode 4 Live Thread

It’s about to be some drama up in this beast.

2016 Los Angeles Rams
2016 Los Angeles Rams
Richard Mackson-USA TODAY Sports
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Well, tonight’s going to be rough.

You’ve got the run up to the Los Angeles Rams’ third preseason game of 2016, their first road contest in the Rockies against the Denver Broncos. You’ve got the host of injuries they came out of that game with and the impact it’s going to have on the install this week for the preseason finale against the Minnesota Vikings (now without QB Teddy Bridgewater due to a reportedly horrific knee injury). And, the annual tug of the Hard Knocks dramatic drawstring, the first cuts with the Rams forced to get to a 75-man cap as of today.

We’re hitting the hard wall of the preseason. It’s where Hard Knocks usually shines brightest. The fan favorites begin straddling that fence between unemployment and earning a spot with the team for meaningful football. The stories endearing us to the players we know won’t make it with the horrible anticipation of having to watch them be cast out (Austin Hill...).

Tonight’s the penultimate episode setting up the dramatic finale which tees up the first season of Rams football in more than 20 years. I might not blink.