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Jeff Fisher Approval Poll: Has Training Camp Shifted Your Attitude Towards the Rams Head Coach?

A lot has gone down in the past month, Rams fans. Has it changed your view of Jeff Fisher?

Richard Mackson-USA TODAY Sports

The Los Angeles Rams season opener on Monday Night Football is less than two weeks away and the first round of cuts is complete for your Rams. That means it's time for another Jeff Fisher Approval Poll!

There was significant movement in the opinion of Rams fans from the close of the 2015 season to the opening of training camp in 2016.

From the Pre-camp poll:

At the conclusion of the 2015 season, the TST community at large was ready to get rid of Fisher. Out of 1514 total votes, 1103 were unfavorable (4/10 or less) - meaning that 72.9% of TST-ers were unhappy. A whopping 631 votes (41.7%) wanted Fisher fired.

Contrast that to the results from that pre-camp poll and there is a slightly different picture being painted.

That's a lot more balanced than the end of season poll was. 43% have a unfavorable opinion, 29% have a favorable rating and 28% are 'meh' on Fisher. While the group looking for heads to roll has shrunk by roughly 12%, the group that wants to extend him has grown by 15%.

What say you, Rams fans? The team has given WR Tavon Austin a massive extension and has benched QB Jared Goff in favor of Case Keenum. How does that change your opinion?