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Los Angeles Rams Head Coach Jeff Fisher, RB Todd Gurley And QB Jared Goff Discuss Prepping For Broncos Clash

Here’s what Fish, JTG and Goff had to say as the Rams get ready for Saturday’s preseason opener against the Dallas Cowboys.

Los Angeles Rams QB Jared Goff
Los Angeles Rams QB Jared Goff
Photo by Harry How/Getty Images

Los Angeles Rams Head Coach Jeff Fisher

(Opening Remarks)

“We finished up the week, for the most part – from a player standpoint, we have a little walk-thru (tomorrow), a bit more with respect to our opponent Saturday night and then we’re going to get on an airplane. I thought the week was really good. I thought today’s work was especially good after back-to-back physical days and we got a lot done. We’re healing up. (T) Isaiah Battle came back, ’Griggs’ (LB Nicholas Grigsby) came back – it’s good to see some guys come back and get opportunities to play in the game.

“As far as play time’s concerned, we’re going to add on to what we did last week – a series or two for everybody. As I mentioned, (DE) Rob Quinn’s going to play, which is good – a couple series and maybe some rushes here and there. There may be a few guys that participate in somewhat fewer snaps, but for the most part, we want to push this thing well into the second quarter, and we’ll go from there – and that includes the quarterbacks, (QB) Case (Keenum) will start and (QB) Jared (Goff) will come in. Hopefully we play defense well enough to where we can get (QB) Sean (Mannion) and the rest of the offensive guys that haven’t had a lot of opportunities to play.”

(On what he’s expecting, playing time wise, out of RB Todd Gurley on Saturday)

“I really haven’t decided yet. I was really pleased with what he did last week, I really haven’t decided. He may be the only exception.”

(On how he weighs the risk-reward of giving Gurley game reps to not getting hurt in the game)

“He’s getting a lot of great practice reps. When we kick off against the 49ers, his reps in the preseason are meaningless.”

(On if it will be roughly the same plan with the quarterbacks on Saturday)

“Yes, same plan. Three or four series for Case, depending on the number of plays and series and then Jared will come in. No surprises there.”

(On what he would like to see from Goff in the third preseason game)

“Just that next step, getting rid of the football, being decisive, making the adjustments on the line of scrimmage, all those little, subtle things. (Broncos defensive Coordinator) Wade (Phillips), obviously he’s really excited to play, he understands the challenge. As I mentioned, he’s very, very competitive – I’ve probably never met a more competitive person. Even though he’s got a quiet demeanor, he’s competitive. He’s going to create some situations that Jared is going to have to be decisive with, to say the least.”

(On how involved he gets in day-to-day interactions with Goff or if he leaves that to the quarterbacks coach and the offensive coordinator)

“No different than anybody else on the team. All those conversations that I have are somewhat confidential. I’m not sitting in the quarterback room for six hours, no. As a matter of fact, I haven’t been in the quarterback room. I don’t need to, I see this, I see the film, I know what’s going, I’m in the team meetings. We’ve got our arms wrapped around this.”

(On if there’s anything that comes with taking young players on the road for the first time, even though it’s preseason)

“Yeah, that’s what we talked about this afternoon. You have to pack a bag, this is what you’re going to wear, we have to be screened by TSA and then once you get on the bus you can’t get off – it’s all those things in the airplane – then seating and hotel. All those things leading up to the game and now the game will be discussed tomorrow and Saturday afternoon. Then we’re going in and playing the world champions. For the young guys, they’re getting ready to play in their third preseason game, and to have a chance to go to Denver and play against the world champions, that’s pretty good. Don’t be overwhelmed by that, just go out there and play and do what you do best and do what you do on the practice field.”

(On how Robert Quinn has looked)

“He’s back, he looks great. Looks really good.”

(On how Sean Mannion has been improving)

“I think you saw a lot from Sean – he had six or seven plays last year at Cincinnati. One of the best things that happened to Sean last year was that he was our third (quarterback). Unfortunately, when Case went down and (QB) Nick (Foles) came back, Sean became the (No.) 2. Sean knows, going into this game, that he’s one play away from playing, so you have to prepare a little – not that he doesn’t prepare – but prepare to be the No. 2, which is different than being the (No.) 3, and he did so and I think that really helped him. He’s worked really hard since the OTAs. He’s improved. You can the throws, you can see the poise, you can see the decision-making and everything. He’s having a great camp.”

(On his thoughts on the fan turnouts versus what he expected coming into training camp)

“It didn’t start off the way I thought it was going to start, only because there were about 5,000 more people than we expected, if that tells you anything. It’s been great; they’ve been here every day. That’s the neat thing about training camp, is that you can invite the fans out and they can see things that they don’t ordinarily see. We’ve loved the fact that they’ve been here. Unfortunately, like everywhere across the league, things are settling down now. We have to close camp and now you have to start getting ready. We’ve enjoyed having them.”

Rams RB Todd Gurley

(On what started the scuffle at yesterday’s practice)

“Three weeks at camp, still the last team in camp - stuff gets competitive. But, we’re still teammates at the end of the day.”

(On if he talked to the other players after the fight)

“No, it’s like growing up – fighting with your brothers – you fight, (and ask) ‘are you good? Alright, cool.’ Boom, move on.”

(On if RB Benny Cunningham yesterday was sticking up for the running back position group)

“Oh yeah, no doubt about it. That’s my brother; I’m going to go to war with him, whether he’s right or wrong. We still have to be smart at the end of the day.”

(On if there’s anything in particular he wants to work on in this game)

“Just get better. Denver, they have a great defense, very disciplined, they have some great outside rushers. It’s going to be a good game for us, just to test us, going against the Super Bowl champs. Hopefully, we can learn a lot from this game and just get better.”

(On if there’s anything to be gained from the first preseason road game)

“Obviously, Denver is a loud place, they’re coming off a Super Bowl season. It’s always good to get a game like this; we’re expecting it to be loud. We have to all be on the same page and communicate. I think this will be a good test for us, just being able to go out there on the road at a loud stadium. Hopefully we don’t get any penalties from jumping offsides.”

(On how QB Jared Goff is progressing)

“He’s come a long way. This is his first time ever calling plays out of the huddle. From OTAs to practice (18) right now, he’s definitely come a long way. He’s been getting better. He’s going to be good, for sure.”

(On if he noticed the noise at the Coliseum compared to other stadiums he’s been in)

“I don’t know, when I’m on the field, it kind of all blocks out.”

(On if he blocks it out when he’s on the road, like Seattle or in Denver)

“The road is different sometimes. Seattle wasn’t loud; we kind of shut them up last year. Just going away, being out there in a hostile environment, it will definitely be a good road test. We have a lot of rookies on the team, second-year young players like myself being able to go on the road and get that feel for the crowd is always good.”

(On how many reps he feels he needs in the preseason to be ready for the regular season, if he feels he needs it or if he’s ready to go now)

“It’s whatever. Like I said, whatever (Head) Coach Jeff (Fisher) gives me, I’ll be happy with it. Obviously I want to be out there with my boys, running the ball, protecting - whatever it is. Just a couple more weeks until the real games, I feel like we’re all ready, for sure.”

(On if he would rather not play in preseason games for safety reasons)

“It’s football. I can get hurt in practice. It’s whatever, doesn’t matter to me. I’m here to play football, whether it’s preseason or regular season.”

(On if he saw the Hard Knocks episode where Coach Fisher told the coaches to treat Gurley like a quarterback)

“Yeah, I heard about it. I’ve been telling the boys ‘don’t touch me,’ (laughs). If they touch me, they know what to expect.”

(On if he was happy to hear his coach says that)

“Like I said, it’s football. We do live events; I’m always down to get tackled, so it doesn’t matter to me.”

(On it’s true that he wanted to play more than one drive in the second preseason game)

“Yeah, it’s kind of like a teaser. You get out there, get six plays and you’re just getting started. I’m just happy to be out there on the field. It’s going to be a long season, so I’ll definitely be seeing the field a lot.”

Rams QB Jared Goff

(On if there is anything you need to improve on from the first two preseason games)

“I think toward the end of that last game, I started to get into a rhythm. First game I was bummed. I didn’t really be in there as much as I wanted to, because of the shoulder thing. But I felt like the second was almost like, I kind of had to rebuild that rhythm; and I did towards the end of it. I felt comfortable towards the end. I want to build on that in this game, continue to feel as comfortable as I can, and try to get as ready as I can.”

(On the importance of having a great first series)

“I’d love to go out there and throw around, and score a touchdown. That’s what we’re supposed to do. Come out and be ready to go, and hopefully everyone else is. We go down there, and try drive the ball down the field.”

(On if he looks forward to the challenge the Denver defense might present)

“Yeah, it’ll be good. They’re obviously a very good defense; defending Super Bowl champs. On the road, it’ll be a really cool test. A lot of fun for me, and a lot of fun for my teammates. I look forward to the challenge.”

(On if he watched the Super Bowl last year)


(On if he envisioned playing against a defense like Denver, while watching the Super Bowl last year)

“I think I was enjoying it. It was in the middle of training, and I think we had a day off. So, I was probably just sitting down there enjoying it. It will be cool to go out there, running out there, knowing that they won the Super Bowl last year. I hope that we’re able to beat them.”

(On what he got better at this week)

“A lot of things. I think, ultimately, just understanding everything and just knowing where I want to go and when I want to go. Making my decisions quicker, being faster with everything, and just not hesitating, I think is something I really got a lot better at. That goes along with being more comfortable, and more confident.”

(On his thoughts regarding Coach Jeff Fisher saying he’d like to see him get rid of the ball faster)

“That’s what I’m kind of alluding to, is that it’s a little bit less hesitation, and just knowing where I’m going, and just getting rid of it.”

(On if he ever hears the crowd while he plays)

“No. Never. The fans have been awesome. They’ve been great.”

(On the crowd noise while he played college)

We’ve played in some loud games. We’ll do some things to help ourselves, but I don’t think it will be too much of an issue.”

(On what he’s looking to improve while on the road)

“Again, I just want to build off what I was able to feel last game. It started to feel much more like it has in the past. Again, I just think that comes with more reps, more just settling in, and I just want to build off of that in Denver, and then hopefully build on that the next week. Just continue to build on it.”

(On if he feels he’s in competition with QB Case Keenum)

“That’s the coaches’ thing. It’s not up to me. I’m going out there when they tell me to go out there, whether it’s with the 2s or with the 1s. I’m just going out there and trying to be the best I can be on every play. And honestly, that’s what I’m trying to do is, really is try to be on time with everything and improve.”

(On if you’re measuring your progress to that of QB Case Keenum)

“I try not to. I know he’s doing well, and I try to do the best I can do. I do watch him though, and learn from what he does well, and what he makes mistakes on, and try to improve off that. He’s been great. I do watch him though.”

(On if he’ll be disappointed if he doesn’t start in Week 1)

“It’s not up to me. Again, it’s something that I’d love to do, but it’s not my decision. That’s what they pay the coaches for, and that’s what they’re here for. I’m just trying to get better every day. Whenever they want to do it is up to them.”

(On if he doesn’t start, how he will react to it)

“It’s not up to me; it’s the coaches’ decision. I’m trying to get as ready as I can, as fast as I can. Whenever that is, it’s up to them.”

(On DE Eugene Sims’ receiving skills)

“Yeah I saw that. That was pretty good. He look like he could play offense a little bit.”

(On if he was impressed by DE Eugene Sims’ receiving skills)

“It was; I think he’s got some big hands. He looks pretty good.”

(On what he’s become better at in these last two weeks or differences in the route tree from college)

“I think the routes are very similar. It’s a lot of the same, similar stuff. I think maybe, one thing would be, it might be a little more longer routes. But it’s the same stuff, same angles. Just different names.”