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Los Angeles Rams At Denver Broncos: Rookies To Watch

Here are the rookies that you should keep your eyes on this week.

Kelvin Kuo-USA TODAY Sports

This is the third week of the preseason which is important because it is unoffically known as the "Dress rehersal game". A game in which the first units of both teams will play close to a half of football and there is usually some sort of gameplan going into these games.

More than likely the rookies on this list will not be a big part of the first half, but they could prove to be key cogs on the team.

QB Jared Goff

There's not much to say about Goff, besides the fact that he has made a lot of mistakes thus far. Granted the preseason is all about mistakes since the games do not count. This week if he limits the negative plays, fans will finally be able to have a sigh of relief and maybe, just maybe, Goff will play early in his rookie season.

CB Troy Hill

Hill has been a pleasant surprise, the UDFA has shown that he can not only shadow the opposing receiver, but that he is a sure tackler, which is a trait that is often overlooked when it comes to corners.  Hill has been thrown to five times and although those passes were completed, they were all tackled by Hill and the receiver did not go further than six yards, according to Pro Football Focus writer Nathan Jahnke.

Hill has proven through two weeks that he should make the team, the next two weeks will decide if that will be as a member of the 53-man roster or on the practice squad.

WR Mike Thomas

Patiently waiting is something that Ram fans have done for years when it has come to receivers that the Rams have drafted. Being fair, Thomas did play in a lower level college division, so you could make the case that the young receiver just hasn't caught up to the level of competition, which isn't a surprise for a six round selection.

However, the hope had to be that this season he could become a deep threat for a team that desperately need vertical threats. Right now, Thomas should focus on a catch that goes for positive yards.

TE Temarrick Hemingway

Hemingway appears to be growing as a tight end. Hemingway is more of an inline TE compared to Tyler Higbee, He has one reception for 29 yards and he has been a contributor on special teams and as a run blocker. Obviously, unless there is an injury, it is unlikely that Hemingway will have meaningful snaps in his rookie season, however he could ink out a role for himself in the future.

LB Josh Forrest

With six tackles to his name, the Rams only defensive draft selection appears to have what it takes to make the roster. It is hard to imagine Forrest making plays alongside with Mark Barron and Alec Ogletree this season, however with four of his six tackles being made on special teams, don't be surprised if you see the young linebacker make his name on Sundays by making tackles against returners.