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2016 LA Rams Training Camp: August 24 Practice Live Updates

The penultimate public practice of 2016 training camp.

Los Angeles Rams DEs William Hayes and Robert Quinn
Los Angeles Rams DEs William Hayes and Robert Quinn
Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports

August 24

Practice begins at 3:30pm PT

Autographs: Defensive Line
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After today, the 2016 Los Angeles Rams will have just one more public practice in training camp. Next week’s install will all take place in private practices.

Injury Updates

Nothing official yet. Sounds like RT Rob Havenstein is getting closer. No word on WR Nelson Spruce or TE Tyler Higbee. The best news is that we haven’t had any additions to the list in practice.

Cross your appendages.

Jared Goff

All about Saturday. Fisher has yet to plan to play Goff until the end of the third quarter and then break that plan as he did in both of the Rams’ first two preseason games. Wouldn’t be surprise if we make it three for three against the Denver Broncos this weekend.

The question is, how is he settling in? How is he improving practice to practice, calendar week to calendar week, game week to game week?

Offensive Development

If I had to try to summarize an estimation of the development of each position so far in camp and the preseason in one word, here’s my list:

QB: Meh.

RB: Yeh.

WR: Neh.

TE: Weh.

O-line: Zeh.

Hope that makes a ton of sense.

Defensive Adjustment

Something I need to write about at length at some point soon: I think it’s a bit unfair to criticize the secondary without the defensive front at full personnel.

Without Robert Quinn, the Rams can’t effectively run their defensive front to scheme. Without that front, the coverage isn’t necessarily being portrayed accurately. If you’re scheming your coverage based on pass pressure, having Robert Quinn in the game against the first team LT is kind of a big factor. That’s not to say the secondary shouldn’t endure some criticism, but at least there’s a rational piece of context to point to that could help things look a lot better soon, especially if Quinn is a go on Saturday.

So perhaps in these last two practices, we might see something more positive about that group that could be affected by the downshift at DE.