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Hard Knocks Season 11, Episode 3 Recap

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Todd Gurley does not need to touch the ground in practice. He needs to be treated like a freaking quarterback.

Kelvin Kuo-USA TODAY Sports

This week's episode began unlike any other. Our condolences are with Los Angeles WR Paul McRoberts and his family, as it began with him finding out that his step brother was killed.

After the credits, the mood lightened a little bit as the cameras once again caught WR Tavon Austin showing off his made for TV character as he was caught picking on Secondary Coach Brandon Fisher -- Head Coach Jeff Fisher's son -- for knocking his food out of his hand a year earlier. Then threatened to beat him up twice for being married, as well as the food incident.That's all fine and dandy, but whatever you do, don't call him sir, Brandon Fisher's only rule...

DE William Hayes doesn't believe in anything science has found to be true, instead believing in the things yet to be proven. He's definitely enamored by the ocean life. Then again who could blame him. It's the freaking ocean, only the biggest thing on the planet. But it's amazing that he and Tavon Austin are not willing to mess with Defensive Assistant Mike Singletary on any level. It appears that he strikes the fear of God into most of the players...

Newsflash!!! Thirty doesn't need to go to the ground practice, and he needs to be treated like a freaking quarterback. Defensive Line Coach Mike Waufel's facial expression when this is said about RB Todd Gurley is priceless. It's relatively similar to the look you give when someone tries to argue with you about a fact about yourself. You know, that one where you look at the person like they lost their mind...

The quote of the show had to have come from Todd Gurley as he was cheering on QB Jared Goff after he got off to a slow start at practice. As he caught his rhythm, Gurley let it be known how he felt, screaming loud and proud from the sideline, "there you go, let that thang sling... like a f*cking man!!"

This was more than just an entertaining moment as you could see how excited teammates, coaches, and Rams from the past are about him. The praise came pouring in with each throw. There's clearly been a rapid progression taking place. Though he is not quite ready to take the job just yet, it's nice to see he's making legit strides, and at an above average pace.

Random Stat of the Week

Mike Singletary finished his career with 10 Pro Bowl apperances, nine All-Pro seasons, a super ring, and 1,488 total tackles, and he did all this in only 11 NFL seasons, as he stamped his pass to a first ballot hall of fame induction. Highly impressive numbers. So when he tells Alec Ogletree that he has the ability to be one of the best, he probably knows what he is talking about, considering his resume and he coached Ray Lewis and Patrick Willis. However, this episode revealed something on the sideline of the game against the Chiefs, Ogletree has yet to prove to his teammates he has what it takes to be the guy on defense, and his frustration was obvious. He has some ways to go to become the player and leader Singletary sees in him, but if anyone can bring it out of him, it's likely bad ass Mike. Just ask Vernon Davis....