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Transcript: Jeff Fisher On G-Rob’s Improvement, Goff’s Development, & Impending Cuts

Jeff Fisher – Post Training Camp Practice – August 22, 2016

(Opening remarks)

"We had a good start to the week. Yesterday was obviously their day off. They came in and most of them got treatment, got some recovery time. And then we looked at the tape today with them. I thought this was a great start. After a day off, sometimes it takes a little bit to get going, but we got a lot of good work today. We did a little extra running for the penalties. I think we’re in good shape looking forward to tomorrow."

(On his message to the players who are on the bubble in regards to the first roster cut after the Denver game)

"There’s really no need for a message. If they don’t realize that there’s a cut-down after the third preseason game, they’re probably not smart enough to play and help us play. No, we just want to try to give everybody an opportunity to play. We still have a few guys that haven’t gotten any play time. At the same time, we’re trying to get our starters ready for the regular season. It’s the hard part of the business. But, everyone is going through it. We just want to prepare in this week so each and every one of them get a chance, if they do get on the field, to excel."

(On if he will do more game-planning for this game in comparison to the previous two)

"Not necessarily. From the gameplan standpoint, it’s not. We’ll play a little bit longer, but I don’t think we need to do any more. I think we’ve got enough stuff in right now that gives them a chance."

(On the difference he sees with QB Jared Goff)

"He made some really good throws. He made some good throws against the defense. Tough throws, small windows, feet are good. So, he’s coming along."

(On the difference he sees with QB Jared Goff regarding his comfort level with the offense)

"No. He’s stable. He’s steady. He’s the same guy that we drafted."

(On how to manage the special teams roster in regards to deciding the final roster)

"We’ll sit down as a staff and identify those guys that have an opportunity to unset somebody. And so, we have to be sure to put them in positions to where we can evaluate. And it may be a guy in punt protection, or a guy at kickoff return, or punt return, it’s usually the case. Our offensive line, we’ve got a solid group from top to bottom – they’re getting a lot of play time. Again, I just hope we can have a time-of-possession game that’s somewhat balanced, because it’s just not fair for the one side of the ball to 45 to 48 snaps. You need close to 60 snaps so you get everybody involved."

(On if the roster decisions come down to subtle things that the media or fans doesn’t see?)

"I don’t want to say they’re obvious, because all these guys have given us their heart and soul since prior to the draft and the OTAs, but we have hard decisions to make, and some of them will maybe get an opportunity for a practice squad. Some of them maybe get an opportunity with other clubs, and then some of them will come to the realization that their childhood goal is over, and I need to go on with my life."

(On his thoughts regarding the state of the offensive line)

"We’re there. Way too many hits in the Dallas game on the quarterback. Not necessarily sacks, but just hits. Those things that wear-and-tear on the quarterback; last week was much better. We’re running the football, we’re finishing down field, we’re not making a lot of mistakes. Now, we haven’t necessarily been really challenged from a scheme standpoint, but that’s taken place out here on the practice field. They’re getting challenged by our defense."

(On his thoughts on LT Greg Robinson)

"He showed up. Back in St. Louis, he took a couple weeks off and came in and was in there every day. It is important to him, and he’s been through the move, and through everything. It’s paid off. The extra time with ‘Coach Bou’ (Offensive Line Coach Paul Boudreau), and the extra time in the classroom, it’s starting to pay off for him."

(On CB Troy Hill’s performace)

"He did a nice job, not only on defense, but also on special teams. He’s a talented young man who can really run."

(On creating a competitive environment for K Greg Zuerlein in practice, and his overall performance)

"Hopefully he’ll get some opportunities. He’s making his extra points, which were, a couple of years ago, no big deal. Now it’s a big deal because it’s the distance involved in the kick. But he’s kicking well out here. And (K) Taylor (Bertolet) can kick in the league too. Taylor has got a good leg, and very accurate."

(On WR Pharoh Cooper’s development)

"He’s playing much faster, because he knows what to do now. Coming in, you’re in a new system, a new playbook, the offense becomes a little overwhelming, you go through the OTAs, and taking some time off, come back, obviously he’s steady. He comes in and he has a good feel of what we’re doing. So, he’s not making the typical rookie mistakes that you see out there."