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Los Angeles Rams, Kansas City Chiefs: Second Half Live Thread

Todd Gurley TD. Shaky defense. A Goff fumble. And ejections for fighting. THIS GAME HAS HAD EVERYTHING.

Los Angeles Rams WR Pharoh Cooper
Los Angeles Rams WR Pharoh Cooper
Kelvin Kuo-USA TODAY Sports

What a weird half of Rams football.

You had an efficient, albeit unspectacular, Case Keenum operate a fairly decent offense early on. Todd Gurley’s TD capped the effort, but it was a long pass interference call that put the Rams in striking distance.

The best offensive unit that early on? The offense line.

On the next drive, the best offensive unit? The offensive line. Theme!

Jared Goff came in, and...well, he certainly looks like a rookie.

While the scoreline looked ok thanks to two redzone stops that forced field goals out of the Chiefs, the real issue is that Fisherball is so limiting on the offense. Even with Keenum’s steady work early on and the offensive line working well, the Rams were outgained by 100 yards by the Chiefs.

Look at the discrepancy in the passing game:

Los Angeles Rams-Kansas City Chiefs halftime QB box score
Los Angeles Rams-Kansas City Chiefs halftime QB box score

And where last week the Rams had just two penalties prompting Rams Head Coach Jeff Fisher to laughably suggest a culture change was taking place, the Rams are back to their old ways tonight with six already in the first half alone with a couple not even enforced.

In any case, there were a few positives to look at, but with Goff’s continued rookie malaise and the defense looking susceptible, there’s plenty to work on in the second half...of this game and of the preseason.