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Los Angeles Rams Vs. Kansas City Chiefs: Bold Predictions

Rams football is back on TV in Missouri. That certainly was quick!!!

Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports

So let me get this straight, after all that moving and grooving, packing and stacking, the Rams are already back on the Missouri airwaves. That certainly was quick!

The Rams will be in some familiar market households as they take on the Kansas City Chiefs tonight. In game two of the preseason, the Rams will face a strong challenge from an Andy Reid-led team that has a plus first team, one of the best defenses in the NFL, and arguably the deepest running back stable in the NFL.

With each passing preseason game, the seriousness goes up a notch. Preparations get a little more intricate. And the starters' playing time increases. So with a little more time on the field, what can we expect from the starters? And vice versa, with a little less time on the field, how will those vying for roster spots fair with limited opportunities?

  1. Todd Gurley will only touch the ball a whopping 6-8 times. However, he will score regardless. Expect him to break loose and score a touch down fairly early, and then he will immediately be pulled. Yup, its that simple, on to the next...
  2. Kenny Britt will catch a bomb and take it to the house. Expect to see Britt shadowed -- while the starters are in the game -- by the young but good corner, Marcus Peters. However, as Richard Sherman learned, while Britt's game to game stats are maddeningly frustrating, he's a helluva talent and can be a tough cover. It will look easy
  3. While we're at it, let's just keep this offensive explosion going. Jared Goff hit Pharoh Cooper with a very well placed ball that would have set the Rams up with a first and goal on about the five yard line. However, Cooper dropped it. No doubt about it, Cooper has likely been in Goff's ear all week apologizing, and has even admitted that he has not stopped thinking about the drop. A good quarterback always likes to show he has confidence in his receivers and after a big drop, loves going back to him. Expect to see Goff hit a streaking Cooper in stride for another Rams touchdown.
  4. What's a bold prediction without looking at both sides of the coin. The Rams are known for having a very good special teams unit. However, that did not look like the case last week as they opened the game allowing a 101 yard kick return to the house. This week, the Rams will allow another return to go to the house in back to back weeks. The Chiefs have numerous sneaky good return man, so the return can happen at any point on either punt or kick off, but it will happen. Bwahahahahahaaaaa....
  5. Sean Mannion will continue his stellar play. This is great news for the Rams as injuries do happen in the NFL. Mannion could very well become trade bait if he keeps his play at the level we saw last week against the Cowboys. And for a team that just traded away its future for its current franchise QB, adding a solid draft pick wouldn't hurt not one bit. Furthermore, Mannion could stick around and even make Case Keenum expandable, though that would require Jared Goff really dominating over the next few weeks. Scenario one is far more likely.