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Los Angeles Rams WR Pharoh Cooper Injured Quad In Training Camp

Sounds like it’s not a huge issue...but we’ve heard that before.

Los Angeles Rams WR Pharoh Cooper
Los Angeles Rams WR Pharoh Cooper
Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Los Angeles Rams fourth-round 2016 NFL Draft pick WR Pharoh Cooper has injured his quad:

Let’s hope Hammond’s hearing it right and it is mild, but it is something to track and track we will on two fronts.

One, does this set him back in the WR roster battle? There are only so many snaps to go around, and this may open the window a bit wider for Rams’ other WR from the 2016 NFL Draft, sixth-round selection Mike Thomas, or UDFA Duke Williams who has drawn praise in camp.

And two, the issue of how the injury impacts his game. Does he try to push it to ensure his roster spot and either play below his standard or injure it worse? How does it affect his game when he comes back? And is this indicative of a larger issue with his training or readiness?

Here’s hoping this is the last we hear of this.