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Report: Los Angeles’ Rams Legends Game Cancelled Due To Low Fan Interest (UPDATED)

After last month’s St. Louis Legends game provided closure to that market, the LA Legends game that was supposed to kickstart LA’s support network for the Rams has been cancelled due to “low sales.”

NFL: Los Angeles Rams All-Access Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Well this is interesting.

After the Rams backed a Los Angeles-area "Legends" Game to follow up the St. Louis based game last month organized by former Rams great WR Isaac Bruce, Jim Thomas of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch is reporting that LA Legends Game has been cancelled due to low fan interest:

At a website created for the game,*, a sentence under the heading "Rams Legends Game, Updates Coming Soon" read: The Rams Legends Game scheduled to take place at StubHub Center Aug. 14, 2016 has been cancelled.

Information about ticket refunds followed. A representative at the StubHub Center ticket office, when asked via phone why the event was cancelled, replied: "Low sales."

Other sources involved with the game confirmed that was the case. A Rams spokesperson said the team was informed Monday by the outside group organizing the event simply that the event was being cancelled.

Among "St. Louis" Rams invited to the game, one player _ speaking on the condition of anonymity _ said he found out Monday night that the game had been cancelled and was upset that he had to cancel his flight. Another said he didn't like the terms of his appearance at the event, but didn't elaborate on what was meant by "terms."

* - That domain is actually

It’s certainly an interesting turn of events.

One of the major storylines I’m interested in tracking is how Los Angeles reacts to Rams football if it produces the same substandard results it did for the majority of the time in St. Louis with just four winning seasons out of the 21 spent in the Lou.

I was having a conversation with Daman Rangoola, a contributor over at Silver Screen and Roll, the SBN home for fans of the Lakers, and this tweet is kind of at the center of the question:

I’d likely agree that the team will have ingrained itself into the local psyche by then in general, but I think the success to that point will have a resounding effect on how they are ingrained in it. Consider the Rams’ record through eight games from every season under Jeff Fisher thus far:

I think the question is whether that will be ingrained as well if that indeed is what Los Angeles is treated to.

As it stands despite the high attendance early on at training camp, we’ve got at least this one marker that Los Angeles won’t just hand over support to the Rams for the sake of existing.

The Rams might well have to win their way into relevance in LA.

(UPDATED, Aug. 3, 11:00am ET)

The team site has taken down the page promoting the game.