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Los Angeles Rams Training Camp: Aug. 18 Practice Recap

Today was...important.

Los Angeles Rams TE Temarrick Hemmingway
Los Angeles Rams TE Temarrick Hemmingway
Photo by Harry How/Getty Images

The preseason opener is behind us. All eyes are on Saturday’s tune-up against the Kansas City Chiefs.


The Gaines news scared me. If he’s truly good to go, he’s going to be one to watch closely after his last meaningful snaps came just in front of Christmas 2014...


Well...we heard the whole “Keenum for 15 snaps, Goff into the third” last weekend, and that didn’t exactly pan out. But fine, I can buy it again. As long as Goff doesn’t take a big hit again and can work the offense (and that’s a sizeable assumption), getting him that many reps can only help.


The real question though is one of the offense line, given Goff’s absence in the third quarter last Saturday. We Sean Mannion do work with the depth. Keenum and Goff were...I guess given the Rams offense, ok, but few NFL offenses would accept that output.

The real news? The Rams get their best offensive player back:


Quinn’s just getting back from Rio to watch his sister compete in the 2016 Summer Olympics, so there’s no reason to rush him in. Plus, this makes more snaps available down the depth chart.

The bigger question remains with the first team. Bear in mind the Rams’ defense gave up 17 points to the Cowboys’ offense last the first half. Improving on that will be perhaps the most important storyline on the defensive side.