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Transcript: Jeff Fisher Talks Playing Time for QB’s, Health, and Feistiness

Richard Mackson-USA TODAY Sports

Jeff Fisher – Post-Practice – August 17, 2016

(Opening Remarks)

"We just finished our second day of back-to-back padded practices and I thought, for the most part, it was pretty good. The temperature is up a little bit and we got some work done – it was kind of spirited – we had another nine-on-seven drill where we were focusing on the run game. So I thought things looked pretty well. As you know, once you get to tomorrow, then we start kind of getting focused and prepping for the preseason game. All in all, I think we’re in a good situation; we’ve had a few guys that did not practice today. ‘Higgs’ (TE Tyler Higbee) didn’t practice, (RB Aaron) Green didn’t practice – they’ve not been ruled out for the game by any means, but they needed a break. (T) Isaiah Battle went in, he had an issue in the pass rush over here – they took him in (to the locker room). He’s been dealing with a little knee issue and some swelling and I think it kind of buckled on him. It doesn’t look like there’s anything serious. We still have not ruled him out for the game. (DE) Rob Quinn will be on his way back (from the Olympics in Rio de Janeiro) – I just got a text, I can’t verify it, but I think she (Quinn’s sister Jasmine Camacho-Quinn) hit the hurdle. She was winning and she – did you guys know, is that what you heard? He was excited, she was in position and then she stumbled over the hurdle. Anyway, too bad for her, but what a great experience for Rob to get down there and to see here. So he’ll be back with us, hopefully tomorrow."

(On the feistiness at the end of practice)

"It’s going to happen. Guys were pushing and shoving, but the important thing they have to realize is that at that point in the drive, we had to hurry up to kill the ball, so we could get the points. It was a before the half drive and the offensive linemen got a little feisty and they were pushing and they weren’t paying attention to get up and kill the ball. A penalty will kill you – a 10-second run off and you don’t get a chance for points. Plus, sometimes you don’t get a chance to get the ball off. That’s where practice is so valuable, because of the learning experience and we’ll discuss those things with them tonight."

(On if he ever tells a defensive player to try to bait an offensive player into doing that during practice to see how the offense handles it)

"No, we don’t do anything like that. We discuss those things in meetings and we prepare them in the event that that will happen. To me, I think it’s unethical. Right now, with the emphasis in the league being on sportsmanship and taunting – if an official hears something that he may not have heard, that penalty can go either way. You can’t risk that at all."

(On QB Jared Goff getting reps with the first team offense today)

"He got reps in the walk-thru and he got reps in one period. We’re trying to give him reps with the 1s in one period per day."

(On how he thinks Goff looked today)

"I thought he was fine. I need a card to hold up that says ‘Jared was fine,’ and put it back down."

(On if there’s anything that reveals itself that he hasn’t seen as Goff is getting incrementally better)

"Every day there’s something that he does better and different, especially in the huddle and his understanding – a check here or a check there and a ball out quick. He’s progressing."

(On if the progress that he’s seeing from the team is ‘slowly but surely’ or incremental)

"The defense may gain an advantage in one period and the offense may gain an advantage an advantage in another period. As long as one of the two are gaining advantages, we’re moving forward. It’s that simple philosophy of if one of those guys on that field got better today, then our team got better today."

(On how he likes the competitiveness from both sides)

"They’re competing. The only thing we remind them and you’re mindful of is the chirping and the talking back-and-forth, if it becomes a distraction, it becomes an issue. So can you focus through it? There is a lot of talking that goes on on the field on Sundays. Our guys are just having fun out there, they’re teasing each other and all of that, but they’re lining up and executing – which is important – when the ball’s snapped."

(On S/LB Mark Barron not practicing today)

"We just rested Mark today."

(On if Barron is on track to play on Saturday)

"Yeah, he’s on track to play, yeah."

(On if saying Goff will play when he’s ready to play is a threshold of the things he’s able to do and how much is relative to how QB Case Keenum is performing)

"Well Case is still clearly ahead and Jared’s getting better. Again, I keep talking about it, there’s no timetable, it’s patience, things are moving along in a good fashion right now and we’re pleased with that."

(On if he measures Goff’s progression on a scale independent of Keenum or if it’s tied to how Keenum performs)

"No, his progress is independent of Case’s, but we have to be realistic because who is going to eventually give us the best chance to win and when is that going to be? So that’s kind of the way we look at it."

(On the importance of stocking up on quarterbacks with how much the team has invested in its top three quarterbacks)

"It’s very important. I traded for Case as well, so it’s very, very important. It’s been a point of emphasis for us since I got here. Right now, the position itself is improving, which is good."

(On if it’s difficult to find playing time for Keenum, Goff and QB Sean Mannion)

"It’s not a problem. Everybody’s going through the same thing. When you talk about playing time, are you talking about preseason games or practice, because we combine them both. Our evaluation process involves not only the preseason game itself, but the practice session, the walk-thru session, the meeting sessions and everything. There are a lot of reps to go around; you just have to find ways of getting them."

(On if he still expects Goff to play about one half in Saturday’s preseason game)

"We’re going to discuss playtime, so I’ll be available to talk about playtime tomorrow. I want to address it with the staff and players before we address it publically, which is fair, so we’ll talk about it. I’d like to get Jared; right now – as we go into the discussions – I’d like to get Jared a shot with the 1s in this game. Whether that’s a series or two series, I don’t know, we’ll try to be more specific for you."