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Los Angeles Rams Head Coach Jeff Fisher On The Olympics, Rooms And Mermaids

This has turned into a weird week for the Rams.

Los Angeles Rams Head Coach Jeff Fisher
Los Angeles Rams Head Coach Jeff Fisher
Photo by Harry How/Getty Images

Los Angeles Rams Head Coach Jeff Fisher

(On whether or not QB Sean Mannion’s play this past Saturday has made the quarterback position more interesting)

“No, it just makes the room better, actually. You look at the big picture and (QB) Case (Keenum) is getting it done, and (QB) Jared (Goff) is improving. We knew Sean could do some good things, and it showed the other night. It’s an exciting room for those guys. As far as Sean moving up and all that, we got a plan, it has to fall into place.”

(On the absence of DE Robert Quinn in practice)

“Rob approached me during the summer and his sister is competing in the 110-meter hurdles for the Bahamas, and so we’ve been talking on and off for the last couple of weeks. So, I gave him permission a number of weeks ago and then he finally made the arrangements. So, he’s down there. It’s a once in a lifetime opportunity. He’s in Rio right now. We’ve been in touch with him. I’m not quite sure on the update. I know she qualified, so we’re waiting to hear when she actually is going to be racing. It’s really a neat thing for Rob and his family. We’ve known this for a while. It’s kind of one of those things that you…it’s the right thing to do, to let him go down there.”

(On whether he expects DE Robert Quinn to play this Saturday against Kansas City)

“Yeah, yeah unless he’s got some flight issues and things like that. We’ll get him running around a little bit. So, he’ll get some snaps.”

(On the absence of S Mark Baron and S Maurice Alexander in practice)

“They were just held out of practice today. Nothing to be concerned with, just needed a day off.”

(On his concerns going into Week 2 of the preseason)

“I haven’t really looked at the Chiefs at this point, but I know they’re very, very talented on defense, and they can run the football. They’re going to put pressure on you. It’s answering those challenges, and being able to stand-up, protect the quarterback, run the football on offense, again, and we’re going to be tested defensively against the run. I normally don’t have concerns going into games, but it’s those things that really challenge your team, the second, third week of the preseason games that are issues.

(On the progression of WR Michael Thomas)

“Yeah, he’s coming on, he’s learning. The position is hard. It’s very competitive. We’re going to continue to get him more and more reps. He had a couple of drops in the game, but he’s been fairly consistent. From a hand stand point, on the practice field, he’s just needs to carry over.”

(On the progression of LT Greg Robinson)

“I said last week, I thought it was his best 12 plays he’s played. Every week is a test for the left tackle. Everybody has got a rusher. It’s just every other week, or every three to four weeks, every week is a test for him. It’s difficult place to play, position to play, but he’s making strides. He’s coming on.”

(On an update on T Rob Havenstein)

“Nothing to report right now, we’re just still waiting.”

(On the progression of QB Jared Goff)

“He’s improving. He had a couple of issues out here today that he learned from. He’s improving. He’s still down there, at the other end of the field working. He’s getting better.”

(On DE Will Hayes’ belief in mermaids)

“Yeah, yeah he is. He has an understanding. It’s special to him. I said this, and now I know he was especially excited about the move because of being located so much closer to the ocean, particularly because it’s unlikely he would find a mermaid in the Mississippi River in St. Louis. He’s going to search until he can’t look anymore for a mermaid, or two for that matter. It’s been going on for a while. The dinosaur thing, I’m not as in tune with the dinosaur thing, as I am the mermaid thing. He’s got some issues with the dinosaurs. I don’t think he thinks they ever existed. I recommend he take a trip to the La Brea Tar Pits. So, we’ll see. He has straight faced you, and he’s done a really good job with it.”

(On how LB Akeem Ayers fits in as the middle linebacker)

“He’s versatile in that he can rush. That’s what he’s done most of his career. That’s how he won a ring, was rushing outside; standing-up and rushing. He’s got the versatility to rush. We create the match-up on backs or tackles, things like that. I think the transition behind the ball has gone smooth. We feel like he’s got the ability to line-up there. We see him as a starting linebacker for us, but we’re always in sub-packages now, so we end up with (LB Alec Ogletree) ‘Tree’ and Mark who ends up coming in against different personnel groupings. We need to do a better job of, I think defensively, creating match-ups for him, because he’s talented.”

(On how much he expects DB E.J. Gaines to play on Saturday)

“At this point, I don’t know. We’ll have a better idea in the next couple of days. It’s good to get him back on the practice field.”

(On whether he expects DB E.J. Gaines to run with the first team defense)

“I don’t know. We haven’t talked about play time for this weekend.”