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2016 Los Angeles Rams Stock Report: Training Camp Week 3

With the Rams first preseason game in the books, the team looks to continue the momentum into the ex-Governors' Cup match-up vs. the Chiefs.

Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports

The Rams started out slow during their game with the Cowboys, but the backups (and backups' backups) ended up giving the Rams enough to eek out a win during their preseason game. How does this translate into the next week of camp?

Stock Up

WR Tyler Higbee

Higbee continues to impress. With most of the other receivers having a rather uninspired game (Looking at you Tavon), Higgles was one of the lone bright spots in the passing game. This week will be a good time to look at him with the 1st team offense and get some reps in preparation for the inevitable role he'll play during the regular season. He's going to be starting (or at least be the primary receiver in 2TE sets) if he continues to play well.

Playing against the second string is one thing, but this week the hype train can truly get rolling.

DE/OLB Ian Seau

The Rams don't have a lot of room at linebacker, but Seau certainly impressed with his limited time on the field against Dallas. This week, look to see if he has any time at special teams and how he performs against the Chiefs. His pass rushing skills may make him a highly situational player on defense, but looking good in ST when others (Chase Reynolds) fell flat would go a long way.

DE Matt Longacre

In case you missed it.

CB E.J. Gaines

He's finally back, and that's a positive sign after the weak showing from the secondary. This week will be telling as the secondary battle gets more muddled with Gaines' return.

QB Sean Mannion

Manniona real human, continues to display football things on the field. Things that could get him reps with the next level up (2nd string).

Stock Down

WR Nelson Spruce

That injury is huge because he isn't getting playing time. He needs time with the 2's, at least, so the staff can see how he does against competition that will likely make an NFL roster. Hopefully he can return in week three and put together a couple more impressive games.

RB Chase Reynolds

Whiffing on tackles in special teams (as a special teams expert) doesn't do you any favors when every other RB on the team looks impressive running the ball. The Rams tend to be heavy on the roster for backs, but Reynolds needs to show more, period.

Demetrius Rhaney

Can he compete against the man of many tanks?