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Hard Knocks Season 11, Episode 2 Recap

The Rams sure aren't in St. Louis anymore...

Kelvin Kuo-USA TODAY Sports

What better way to began a show than with fights, fights, and more fights!!

The Rams are wasting no time getting extra toasty with one another in this years camp. They began week two of camp with three fights. While it may not have been as big as Aaron Donald and Cody Wichmann's brawl, the fight between Alec Ogletree and Greg Robinson might have been the most intriguing.

Ogletree took somewhat of a cheap shot as he punched Robinson in the back of the head. Two things are  disappointing here. The first being he punched a helmet. There's no quicker way to break your hand than punching a helmet. Secondly, Greg just took it. Where's the grit Greg? It could be he respects one of the team leaders -- though Wichmann was like f*ck that -- and chose to walk away. Or he just said something that was true fighting words and knew so.

Speaking of fighting words, am I the only one falling head over hills in love with coach Mike Waufle?

"Knock them the f*ck back. A bunch of quarterback's on the f*cking ground. Go celebrate that sh*t. F*ck you bitch!!!"

Now if those aren't fighting words I don't know what is. However it sure as hell gets you hype watching.

You know what else gets you hype? When your quarterbacks are improving rapidly. Case Keenum began the show on fire. He looked like a true vet. And you have to love Sean Mannion's accuracy on the cross bar. In fact, the show began with the quarterbacks lighting the defense up. Hence Coach Waufle's previously mentioned explosion.

Kenny Britt -- aka dumb, or maybe he's dumber -- can't drive by the way...

Tavon Austin is stealing the show. His personality draws the attention of the camera's. But you have to love him calling out the fan showing up to practice in the Andrew Luck jersey. But what the hell is up with getting Roger Goodell's face on your socks. Then again maybe it's like the old saying goes, keep your friends close and enemies closer.

William Hayes looks surprisingly good in a speedo. You go boy! No seriously, I've been waiting for more Will, as we all know he's quite the character. Love his views on dinosaurs (fake) and mermaids (real).

It really does suck that Brian Randolph tore his ACL. He was a player I really wanted to make this team, and was happy to see the Rams sign after the draft. From the looks of practice he was having a good camp. Jeff Fisher has confirmed he will be brought back for next year's camp. I believe he could be the next Rodney McLeod, in that he could be an UDFA that makes a team and eventually becomes a starter.

Random stat of the week:

The Rams led the NFL with broken tackles on 13.2 percent of plays; they were third with 136 total broken tackles but ran many fewer plays than Minnesota or Seattle. Todd Gurley ranked sixth with 46 and Tavon Austin led wide receivers with 34. Benny Cunningham added 21, and his rate of one broken tackle every three touches was the best for any player in the league with at least 25 touches.