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2016 Los Angeles Rams Training Camp: August 16 Practice Live Updates

Los Angeles Rams WR Duke Williams and CB Michael Jordan
Los Angeles Rams WR Duke Williams and CB Michael Jordan
Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

August 16

Practice begins at 3:30pm PT

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Second practice this week coming in today.

Injury Updates

RT Rob Havenstein and WR Nelson Spruce remain the key injured players missing.

CB E.J. Gaines is back in action per Rams Head Coach Jeff Fisher.

Jared Goff

Will he get the start on Saturday against the Kansas City Chiefs?

Offensive Development

With Spruce out, there’s maybe some room down-roster for the WRs to shine this week. Obviously once he gets back, Rams fans are going to flock to him to see if he can step up against the second team opposition the way TE Tyler Higbee.

The Chiefs game will set the tone moving forward. With Spruce missing out, it might be the only chance some of his peers get to leapfrog him.

Defensive Adjustment

The D needs a bounceback against the Chiefs after the showing against the Cowboys. Here’s to them getting set up to go in practice this week.

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