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2016 Los Angeles Rams Sign S Michael Caputo, Waive S Brian Randolph

The Rams have filled the roster spot held by Randolph who injured his ACL on Saturday and will miss the 2016 season.

Los Angeles Rams S Brian Randolph
Los Angeles Rams S Brian Randolph
Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports

Following Saturday’s game against the Dallas Cowboys in which he injured his ACL meaning he will miss the entire 2016 season, the Los Angeles Rams have waived undrafted free agent rookie S Brian Randolph.

In his stead, the Rams have signed former Wisconsin S Michael Caputo:

Randolph, who passed through the 2016 NFL Draft coming out of Tennessee, was expected to compete in the roster battle currently taking place at safety.

Wisconsin fans defined Caputo as such:

"Tough, gritty, hard worker, instinctive, playmaker" all come to mind. Sound familiar? Now, don't get me wrong -- Caputo isn't a bad football player, or untalented. That's far from the truth. The simple fact of the matter is that often times if you're known for being more of a "football player" than an "athlete" at the college level, the amount you can improve as a player is a bit limited.

Caputo, who also went undrafted just three and a half months ago, played for Wisconsin with Rams RT Rob Havenstein from 2011-14. Perhaps Big Rob can help him incorporate into the team faster than usual.

Get well, BR.