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2016 Los Angeles Rams Training Camp: August 15 Practice Live Updates

The Rams take the practice field after Saturday’s preseason opener.

Los Angeles Rams Training Camp
Los Angeles Rams Training Camp

August 15

Practice begins at 4:30pm PT

Autographs: Defensive Backs

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With the preseason opener behind them, the Los Angeles Rams are back on the practice field today to start prepping for the Kansas City Chiefs in five days.

Injury Updates

With real football over the weekend, this list sadly got longer.

RT Rob Havenstein will miss a few more weeks. WR Nelson Spruce will join him for at least a week. And S Brian Randolph did his ACL in against the Cowboys; he’ll miss the entire 2016 season as a result.

No team is immune. Injuries are part of the game, and they’re an omnipresent threat. Getting through the entirety of camp and the preseason with most of your top 53-man roster intact, or close to it, is a blessed.

Waaaaaaay up, I feel blessed.

Let’s stay that way.

Jared Goff

Look, Saturday wasn’t great. And that’s ok.

The way things have gone in the first few weeks of training camp, the idea that Goff was going to tear it up on Saturday was just not to be expected. The real problem? That it may not be on Goff.

We saw Sean Mannion take over the game in the second half and dominate the Cowboy’s third- and fourth-strings. Neither Goff nor Keenum did the same.

And I’m not sure they’re really to blame.

If the Rams can’t find a way to get the other functions of the offense (here, namely the offensive line and receiving group) working over the opposition, Goff may find himself in a simliar situation more often than we’d like to entertain.

Offensive Development

Preseason games are such a mishmash.

The top unit? It wasn’t pretty. Thereafter? Not great either, aside from WR Nelson Spruce and RB malcolm Brown.

The bottom third of the roster? Things looked strong, led by Mannion and Spruce.

Let’s be real, though. Heading to halftime down 7-24? Not a good look for either side of the ball.

Defensive Adjustment

Anybody worried by the secondary’s lackluster showing in the first half against the Cowboys? You should be. I’m not talking panic mode. I’m talking mildly concerned with obvious things to work on this week in practice.

Consider that this Rams defense, the strength of the team, got carved up by rookie backup QB Dak Prescott.

Consider that.

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