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What's the Deal with Isaiah Battle?

Why isn't he playing? Is he in the doghouse or just that bad?

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Most of the players who didn't play yesterday were not noteworthy. But there is one name that is a bit more concerning.

After selecting Battle in the 5th round of the 2015 supplemental draft - using their 2016 5th round pick - and making him the highest paid practice squad player in the NFL, there has been silence on the Battle front (sorry for the bad pun... I couldn't resist).

Then there's this from a press conference after an ugly 37-13 W loss to the Bears in Week 10 last season.

(On bringing T Isaiah Battle up to the active roster)

"From a conditioning standpoint and a lower body strength and overall strength standpoint, he’s much further ahead than he was when he got here. He wasn’t in good shape when he got here for obvious reasons, of supplemental and so we had to get him in shape. He’s done a really good job in the weight room. He has a much better feel for what we’re doing. He’s got really long arms. He’s athletic. So, I spoke with him today. He’s a snap away from playing."

"He’s a snap away from playing."




So why didn't he play, coach? Battle ended the 2015 season as a member of the 53 man roster, yet there were a handful of players not around last year that played instead of Battle.

So what gives? Is it an unannounced injury? Poor play? The infamous Jeff Fisher dog house? Jedi mind tricks?

Given the status he enjoys from the front office you'd think that he would play before the likes of Jordan Swindle and Pace Murphy.

Even if Fisher plans to store him on the practice squad for another season, that still begs the question of why he isn't getting...yanno.....practice.