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LA Rams Looking To Extend Contracts Of HC Jeff Fisher, GM Les Snead

GM Les Snead and HC Jeff Fisher don’t look to be going anywhere. The Los Angeles Rams are reportedly extending both of them before the 2016 regular season.

Los Angeles Rams Introduce Jared Goff Photo by Victor Decolongon/Getty Images

The Rams may be in a new and beautiful city, but they will likely be under the same old management staff from their final days in St. Louis. General manager Les Snead and head coach Jeff Fisher appear to be apart of the Rams long term plans.

Whether it is the prospect of a new landscape, the mirage of a "fresh start" in a new city or the inherent grace period granted to a front office and coaching staff upon drafting a rookie quarterback, it would appear the Rams want to continue forward with Snead and Fisher for the time being. Near the tail end of last season, there were talks of the two earning extensions, but nothing had been confirmed. Now, it’s getting real.

Fisher was already contracted through next season. It’s tough to speculate how long of an extension Fisher will get on his deal, especially considering this is (theoretically) the first time Fisher will have some sort of legitimate plan at quarterback for the future. The length of the deals, most importantly’s Fisher’s, are unknown for the time being. That didn’t stop the internet from getting jokes off, though.

Jokes aside, the contract extensions have serious implications for the direction of the Rams moving forward.

The two-headed monster of Snead and Fisher have built up a stellar defensive front, but have had little else to show for their tenure. They are in the process of retooling the offense and it feels as if they will have enough time in Los Angeles to see the fruits of their labor. The Rams have gone 27-36 since hiring Snead and Fisher together in 2012.